Triggered Governor Cox Denies Smart Cities Exist, Refuses to Answer Questions

Smart Cities and Gov Cox

Is governor Cox truly so clueless on what his own government is doing or is he just lying?
Original Footage from Utah’s “We ARE The People”, feat. host Jason Preston


Governor Cox seems to be trying to shame the journalist for asking him a simple open-ended question to “tell me your thoughts”.

What does Gov Cox have to hide?  Why does he jump to defensiveness and shaming? Is he afraid to discuss something? Does he know what the state is doing is wrong?

Notable quotes from Governor Cox:

Journalist: “Tell me your thoughts on the smart cities that you’re working on”

Gov. Cox: “What smart cities?

Journalist: “The one at the point of the mountain”

Gov. Cox: “That’s not a smart city”

Gov. Cox: “I know what you’re trying to do, I don’t know what you’re talking about. There’s no such thing as a smart city.

Journalist: “You have it on your website

Gov. Cox: “So stop making up stuff to try to make me look bad. You’re really good at this, you make up $h&* and then you try to make us…. [unintelligible]. I don’t have a website

Journalist: “Why don’t you have a conversation about it”

Gov. Cox: “You don’t like to have real conversations”

Gov. Cox: “There’s no such thing as a smart city. We’re developing a new piece of land for the state, ok?”

Gov. Cox: “You like to make up these conspiracies

Gov. Cox: “I never even heard about it”



There is something fundamentally dishonest, and even sinister, when a Governor denies the existence of a well-published, nationally and globally known program.

There’s no such thing as a smart city, yet there is an entire industry built around creating smart cities that is thriving out in the open. Let’s look at a small sampling of what is in plain site, around the world and in Utah.

– There’s an annual meeting of the “Smart City World Congress

-UtahIgnite hosts luncheon with Gov. Cox where speak on Smart Cities  – and the facebook event is here

– The University of Utah published “Smart Cities – Engineering Sustainable Cities” in 2019.

– Mainstream media CNBC published this video giving their answer to “What is a smart city“.

– A YouTube search for “What is a smart city” produces countless professionally produced mainstream videos about Governments around the world sponsoring these.

– Is he totally ignorant of how Utah brought the United Nations to Salt Lake in 2019 where smart cities were promoted to advance the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals? That level of ignorance seems impossible. (

– Is he unaware of all the public announcements that even Salt Lake City wants to become a smart city on websites such as “Smart Cities Deep Dive”? (reference1, reference2)

– May 24th, 2022, Utah Business Magazine published “15-minute cities set the standard for the future” specifically mentioning the one at the point of the mountain.

“The Point’s smart mobility plan is estimated to eliminate up to 3.5 million single-occupancy vehicle trips and 15,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions each year,”

“Applying smart growth principles and planning, overall convenience, activity, health, and optimized transportation options become guiding factors to enhance neighborhoods, reduce infrastructure costs, and preserve Utah’s unequaled quality of life”

– Does he not know that the national “Smart Cities Council” is praising Salt Lake City for leading the way in past years? (reference)

– The state of Utah mentions Smart Cities on many of its websites.  One example, has a page on “Internet of Things” which is the technology that makes smart cities possible. Quoting this page:

“As Utah continues to connect a wider variety of things to its networks, the Department of Technology Services will need… new smart-network components.

“Incorporating this connected environment into the future “Smart State” is critical to ensuring that these services are sustainable”


Human decency almost demands defending governor Cox’s intelligence by accepting that he’s lying at the criminal level, as the level of incompetence required to be ignorant of smart cities as a Governor in this day would require Cox to go to work on some kind of short bus.


Technology by itself is neutral and can be used to support liberty or tyranny.  In this case, when you allow the government to engage in surveillance upon the public, and allow dissolving separation of powers, and separating from our constitutional framework by degrees, the result will be tyranny.  The state is changing our form of government, to incrementally remove the voice of the people and the checks and balances that are critical for any type of freedom to be maintained in society.

Read our full deep dive on the legal changes happening in our laws that will make the Smart Cities possible and accountable to global government instead of to our Constitution.  The bottom of the article also has calls to action and steps you can take to preserve the republic.

We hope you’ll join with Defending Utah in building teams around the state to make a difference.  You can plug into a community of people who care and are learning to take principled action, even with our existing busy lives.

Action: Utah Leg, Changing our Form of Government – Public/Private is Illegal

Defending Utah Interview on World Economic Forum with We ARE The People



7 Responses

  1. Total denial of a reality he has complete knowledge of. I would call that a ‘Bald’ faced LIE! (Pun intended). The real questions are: Is he complicit with this globalist agenda? Is he being bought and paid for or getting a massive windfall for his involvement in it? Or is he being blackmailed? Whatever the reason, he is selling out Utahn’s and also his own soul. We used to be extremely conservative here in Utah but that understanding of Constitutional principles is slowly being eroded as these types of UN agendas keep creeping in one by one, and our representatives are allowing it to happen, either through complicity, ignorance or bribery.

  2. Smart cities aka rural Cleansing is the method to force We the People to live in dense population centers in order for the ease of government control as approved by the CCP.

  3. So what’s so wrong with conspiracies Mr. Gadianton Cox, when most of the recent so called conspiracies have been proven to be in fact true?
    The political gang of secret lies is forever turning the blade in pointing fingers of blame to mischief they themselves are guilty of.
    Who is he trying to fool? I’ve heard for years now that the state was going to use the point of the mountain prison and surrounding property as some sort of “efficient campus city”. All it took was a few back stage meetings and a handshake behind closed doors.

  4. He should read 2 Nephi 9:34. But then again, since he’s an actual Gadianton through and through (or else would not be in his position), I doubt he cares about the consequences of being a total liar through and through, and even glories in it.

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