Liberty Mom Gets on City Council in St. George City, Michelle Tanner, Interview

Michelle Tanner


3 Responses

    1. Great interview! Glad she got elected. Hope she exposes the corruption when found, and votes appropriately.

  1. Thank you for standing for Freedom. As Latter-day Saints, so many of us don’t want to speak out because we are supposed to “be like the savior.” If you really study the savior and his life, he was not a “nice” person, as in the meaning of today’s version of being “nice.” And as being contentious, he did not go along just to get along, but he spoke out and he spoke the truth. He never treated others in a way to smooth things over and make everyone feel good. Not once. If he praised others, He did it truthfully and not to satisfy their egos. If someone was a hypocrite, then that’s what he called them, etc.. He was very good at asking questions to those who we’re trying to catch him at a word. He used his questions so that they could not answer them without looking like a fool. Contention? Well—they crucified him. Brigham once said that what needed done was to take a whip and clean out the temple of our Nation. An interesting thought!

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