The Fourth Industrial Revolution

Fourth Industrial Revolution

The Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) is a fancy cover story for the attempt to take away our freedoms under a new digital age of surveillance and AI.

We ARE The People posted a great part 1 video about the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) below:


This does a good job of laying out the foundation to what the 4IR will be. With that being said we wanted to go over some key points about Utah specifically.

Utah is very involved with this rollout, and as other groups like WATP and UtahFreedomCoalition have reported, Utah has been literally touted as “ushering in” the 4IR. While that may seem “crazy” to suggest we ask two questions: 1: is it? 2: Why are THEY saying so?

So let’s start with some evidence based “conspiracy”

1. Back in 1994 Mike Leavitt pulled several governors together and convinced them to participate and help rollout his “big idea” called SmartUtah. This would “jumpstart Utah into the Information Age.”

The following doctoral dissertation from Colombia University gives great insight into these origins.

Please note the pretty, and inaccurate, words used to sway the reader (and likely the other governor) into believing this project was good. Not only does Leavitt push and promote public private partnership but he literally created the “SmartUtah” network to rollout what we are now dealing with on a grand scale. Something Utahns should ask is why does Utah often lead in these invasive pilot programs, and even push them onto other states? We have done this with elections, transportation, education, surveillance and more.

“Not quite a year later, in 1994, Leavitt inaugurated a business-government partnership called SmartUtah, a “big idea” that would “jump-start Utah into the Information Age, providing Utah citizens and business a sustainable competitive advantage in the rigorous global marketplace” (Leavitt, 1994a). SmartUtah was created to be an open network to which everyone would have electronic access to a myriad of public and private services. Rather than having multiple networks, each with its own set of specifications and parameters, SmartUtah would provide a common architecture through which any database or information resource could be accessed. The state would participate as an “anchor tenant” on this new network (Leavitt, 1994a), providing the basis and stability for private companies and other information providers to participate and invest in further network services. Leavitt pushed this concept on economic grounds. Tax dollars could be saved, jobs created and a geometric increase in value of technology investments would be realized. ” Read document here. You can also read about an audit of these program here. You may catch where it says there may be a hidden agenda. Wonder which one that is?

2. Utah’s Envision Utah has been touted as the big dawg – the originals – the masters of “smart growth,” and essentially the best organization to push this high-density, “green,” smarty city tyranny on a “willing” public. A public, that they note, is not normally friendly to taking of their land, but they were able to manipulate them into submission with leading surveys/polls.

Natalie Gouchnour, the keynote speaker, described Envision Utah, an example of overcoming the barriers to smart growth in the nation’s fourth fastest-growing state. Utah is considered a conservative state, and four out of every five acres of land are in public ownership. It is also a place where citizens expect a high quality of life, initially defined as family-oriented communities with private houses on large lots. The key to the success of Envision Utah was inviting the public to participate in the long-range development planning process while educating it on the benefits of managing future growth in a manner that will maintain the state’s highly valued quality of life. According to Gouchnour, “The core issue was the sense of loss of what the citizens had or could experience in the future if growth patterns did not change.” It was this perceived possible loss that inspired the public to become involved in the Envision Utah process.

Smart Growth on the Fringe – Urban Land Institute

Read what that says above again, then read it one more time. Are you able to see what’s really being said here? This is manipulative. If you’ve ever taken one of their surveys you know the questions are leading, and worse, you can’t answer with your true reply because there is no option. Now for 3rd let’s pay attention to that name Natalie Gochnour from above.

3. They tell you what they want and have planned for Utah. “Why Utah Should be the Birthplace of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.” – Natalie Gochnour
– Source:

4. Mormon Transhumanism – yes you read that correctly. Utah is home to a movement called “Mormon Transhumanism.” They host conferences and have had speakers such as: Evan McMullin, Becky Edwards, and Tomicah Tillemann. Tillemann is about the scariest person short of having the Clintons walk in themselves. He’s part of the World Bank, Global Blockchain, and WEF.

5. Silicon Slopes– We likely don’t need to go into too much detail here, but if we are a tech epicenter it follows we will be rolling out this 4IR madness. The bills that keep getting put in place with little to no push-back via our legislature would suggest they are completely fine with this takeover. We now have facial recognition, digital ID, DAOs, NFT, blockchain ledger laws, drones and much much much more.

6. An electrified transity system- thanks to SB125 that passed this last session. Utah has approved an insane undertaking to convert our transit to entirely electric in the future. They have allowed ASPIRE and a university to team up and implement this. They of course gave them millions of our tax payer dollars. Did you want this, did you ask for it?

If Utah doesn’t turn this ship around immediately we will be out of money and ability to get our infrastructure back to a place that is for the PEOPLE and our economy, instead of for the elite and total control of the states population.


Other than spreading awareness, what needs to be understood is where this rollout is actually illegal.  Technology can be a great thing, but once it goes beyond the bounds of the constitution by invading our privacy, warrant-less surveillance, changing our form of government, and other unlawful things, then we need to identify where these lines are crossed and implement nullification at the city and county levels of government.

Our strategy for committees of safety is a great way to organize in your communities.

But whether you do it through a committee or just as an individual resident or any other group, we’re doing our best to help you get started with Utah’s Central Committee for Protecting Rights.

Download this Nullification of Surveillance Declaration, and get your city or county to put it into code, or ask your local mayor or sheriff to sign the document under his executive authority.  Any of these actions will protect your town from further constitutional violations and can even reverse the trend. Helping your local officials understand how to stand on the constitution will make you their ally in protecting the people’s power.

Mentorship in executing this process is available to our members.


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