SmartUTAH Part 4: Higher Education’s Fundamental Revolution of Culture

As promised, I will provide an overall view of the education program including ways the taxpayer’s money is being used by universities to fund the United Nation’s Agenda.

Weakening the Human Connection

From the several documents I have read on “virtual universities” and “education” so far one thing is clear; The stated goal was to reduce costs to the university (not you or the public). They want to continue charging high tuition fees but limit overhead. Charging high tuition rates and keeping overhead low means greater revenue for the university.

The real goal is to change education completely and radically by pushing competency-based learning and promoting technology.

There are arguments for and against the above issues but no matter what their intent was from the start, the outcomes are clear.

We have people in high school who can’t read. A generation of participation trophy kids and a population that could not survive on their own if their phones suddenly disappeared. In short, we are not only far too reliant on technology, but we are losing our own humanity. Human connection is key to evolving, learning, and in critical thinking. How many times have you gone in knowing you are right, only to engage in a conversation with another person who opens your mind to a different perspective?

Does the same happen with machines? Some will argue we have information overload right now via google and other search engines. That is true in a sense, but is it uncensored information? Are conversations with voice inflection and facial reactions happening? Not unless you use video to communicate in general, and most don’t.

As more things become automated and we start to lose our human connections and our human world, where does that leave education since the fundamental revolution of education got us here.

Well, let’s look at Utah.

Changing the Goal of Education

If you know much about the United Nations SDG then you are able to see it throughout all of our education system and even policies and bills being pushed through. Since Defending Utah has gone over these in different posts, I won’t dig into them; I’ll just give a brief overview. There are 17 stated goals, 18 if you include the “secret” one about space. At first glance they seem harmless, even good. Zero poverty, hunger, fatalities etc. As you read on and start to get into their thousands upon thousands of documents you quickly realize it’s not harmless nor good. It’s total control. How do you get zero hunger? Universal (communism) food programs, or you get it with depopulation. Neither of those options are good for a free society. Every goal has the same Stepford Wives outside façade but a very dark and totalitarian underbelly. They are about how you gain total and irrevocable control over the world.

Now, how do you get a population that has been raised believing in freedom to flip on itself and self-destruct in a spectacular fashion? You take education and turn the children into activists of hate. Hate against their own founding, their culture, their morals, and ethics, their own bodies, and more. Hate and fear is the way you divide and conquer a nation.

Below are some screenshots from programs the University of Utah is promoting:

Keep in mind that the University of Utah is known for its medical and science programs. As you may or may not know the University of Utah has partnered with Google. While on its face, this seems harmless, and who doesn’t use Google, right? Well, it’s not harmless. Google is partnered with the United Nations in several areas that are alarming such as Google also censors’ content, but more than that if the University of Utah is going to be running government programs (it is) Google now has access to all that data, including possible breaches of the Fourth Amendment. The U campus is covered in surveillance.

Innovation Hub and Restricted Funding

The University of Utah is also connected to the controversial Utah 15-minute smart city “The Point.” The U is working with The Point of the Mountain Land Authority on their “innovation hub.” Bill HB42 gave this project 15 million from a funds of fund account that was closed and moved to restricted.

A quote from the SLTrib

“The legislation says the lab would start with a $15 million allocation from Utah’s “fund of funds,” which is a remnant of an earlier effort to encourage startups in Utah. Started during the Gov. Jon Huntsman administration, the fund of funds was created with private seed money that has since been paid back. The money in the fund of funds is investment income and did not come from taxpayers, lab backers say.

“That’s the beauty of how it’s being funded,” said Dan Hemmert, former executive director of the Governor’s Office of Economic Opportunity who was instrumental in setting up the Innovation Lab plan before he left state government at the end of 2022. “It’s not a direct appropriation of taxpayer dollars.”

Please note their reference to a “direct” appropriation statement. Utah Freedom Coalition and other groups have explained about how these funds work and whether they do use taxpayers’ funds or not. Sometimes money is moved around through various means so as not to appear to be from taxpayers, but it in fact is.

Taxpayer Funds Through USU to Fund Electric Transportation.

USU is working with ASPIRE to electrify our entire transit system. This begs the first question: “Did you ask for an all-electric transit system?” Some of us prefer our gas car and don’t enjoy the slow boil once again happening here. You can keep your gas car… until you can’t.

Below are some screenshots for you. Do you think the United Nation’s SDG goals number 11 (the smart 15 min city goal), and number 13 (climate change push) to be exact, had anything to do with this program? Let me know what you think in the comments.

Now how much money do you think has gone into this?

Source- USU

$2.1 million ONGOING is an interesting amount of funding. Again, I will ask: did you want this or is this a “solution” in search of a problem?

Now let’s get back to the original thread so we can all ask the question: “Who is writing, funding, pushing, promoting, these policies and projects in Utah?”

Did you know the United Nations was pushing “Virtual” education?

Source: Virtual University

From the above to the below:

Source- gvU brochure

As you can see from the below screenshot via the “Virtual University” UN paper highlighted above, this has been in the works since at least 1989.

Remember the Western Governors University (WGU) that we mentioned in part 3?

Below is a screenshot from the UN paper mentioned above and a bit about WGU and its involvement. Some things that concerned me, aside from the United Nations mentioning them, are the companies they were and possibly are still working with, including Apple and Microsoft. These are not known as pillars of free speech, or even unbiased providers. The main issue is globalization and everything falling under a few unelected people’s control.

There is, of course, the below from Common Core Diva that gets into the WGU and Gates Foundation being tied together.

Or about WGU funding and their involvement with “smartthinking.”

Source- Common Core Diva

But more than that are these shots from CROSSTALK 1996- YES 1996!

Do you notice the software by IBM?

All of this is centralizing control of education. That should alarm anyone. While we can share some standards when you start centralizing most things the outcome eventually is control, and in this case, of information. Information ranging for our very history to gender, to “science.” Worse it looks as though there are outside influences who have literally mentioned Dennis Meadows “Limit Growth” – a depopulation plan, as a strategy to use to get the world population under control for the all-powerful SUSTANABILITY.

So, with that said let’s roll over to the last section.

Utah, Envision Utah, SmartUTAH, the United Nations and WGU

If you remember in part 3, we stated that Mike Leavitt was the man behind the “big idea” SmartUTAH- turned Smart States push. Leavitt was also on the ground floor for the creation of Envision Utah and as you know from our series so far, he was a founder of Western Governors University. I will go into that in a bit but just to give you a visual, here is the screenshot that we shared from part 3.

Source: Envision Utah Urban Planning Tools for Quality Growth

As you can see from this image, we have Mike Leavitt, Envision Utah (it’s their paper), and the United Nations. Aside from your opinions on the United Nations, as a sovereign people we need to ask ourselves a very fundamental question: “should we give up choice, input, protection, planning, and governance to a foreign unelected organization?”

It would appear the Utah establishment said yes, while the people had no idea it was happening. Utah has been, and still is, a frog in a boiling pot. The “smart growth” plan has been slowly and methodically installed piece by piece until you wake up one day in an open-air prison (paper from the EPAs very own website on Envision Utah). Salt Lake City is nearly unrecognizable as the once great and beautiful city it used to be. Instead, it now is slowly turning into something that belongs to California.

In the mid-1990s the Salt Lake City region, an area of 98 municipalities and 1.6 million inhabitants, was on a course of urban sprawl. Then, in 1997, a public/private coalition known as Envision Utah was formed, setting in motion a process that profoundly changed urban growth in the region. Envision Utah’s story shows not only that urban growth can be turned in a healthier direction, it also shows how to do it.”

From 2008- Eco Tipping Points

When you bring this to anyone’s attention, they simply throw up a survey and say, “you wanted this, we asked you and this is what you wanted.”

First, have you ever taken these much quoted and touted surveys? I have not until very recently when I now go LOOKING for them.

Second, do you consider it an honest representation when the survey gives you “scenarios” that are pre-determined by a 3rd party unelected organization? Possibly one the state has hired. Scenarios that often do not have a choice you agree with as an option. Silver tongues and leading questions are easily convincing, and often it’s at your expense.

As members of the public watching high density housing going up by force, or mass transit systems, and large bike lanes cutting into roads made for cars, do you feel your voice is being heard? Or do you feel there may be a “hidden agenda” being rolled out before your very eyes?

Source: Audit

Well, if you said the latter option, you may not be wrong. An audit (one of many over the years) that was done in 2000 on all the groups and organizations listed above found some interesting things.

To quote from a Utah Freedom Coalition blog

“Auditor General, dated September 14, 2000, the audit found that Envision Utah received more than $900,000.

“We estimate that the following amounts of state funds have been allocated directly as monetary support and indirectly as services and/or benefits to each organization.”

The audit referenced two other organizations, SmartUTAH, received $905,000, and Western Governors University (WGU), received $516,000. I will touch on WGU, but SmartUTAH may be reserved for another article.

The audit went on to explain that the money received by Envision Utah was from indirect funding. Indirect funding included services and benefits from the State of Utah over a period of four years. The number may even be higher as the amount of indirect funding was difficult to determine due to

“the number of agencies with which the organizations interact, and also because indirect funding is usually not closely monitored.”

The letter also explained that the three organizations shared similarities. They were all “non-profit organizations that fuse government agencies with private corporations.” It also noted that each of these organizations had “nebulous funding due to joint work with state agencies.

Oh boy, and that’s from 2000. Let me tell you when you go back through various audit reports on WGU it doesn’t get better. There is another one inquiring about slightly over $7 million dollars, you can go down that rabbit hole here.

For more on QGET, who they mention, you can go here. QGET stands for “Quality Growth Efficiency Tools.”

As elected officials, NGO representatives, and organizations use our system of government to put pieces in place that largely align with the U.N. and Corporatism, it is the right of the people to know who created these programs, how they did it, and how they’re funded.

We will leave it here for this post. More coming in this series as these branch off into all areas of our entire government and state. Hopefully, this will help point you in the right direction, using primary resources from the organizations involved, so you can ask your own questions. Utah must “wake up” to what is happening around them before it’s too late, and we’re quickly arriving to that point.


3 Responses

  1. Unfortunately, higher education is no longer education. Most colleges and universities are actively engaged in indoctrinating students into Marxist ideology that runs counter to this country’s founding and the Constitution. Students are indoctrinated on all levels to turn them against their families and their country. My advice to all parents out there is to NOT send your children to a college or university unless that college or university is NOT engaged in active Marxism. But those are few in number. I would also suggest trade schools as an option away from “higher education.” Not only will your child develop a skill that will serve them for the rest of their lives, but they will most always have a career that is always in demand.

    1. And this is exactly why all of my grandchildren are opting for trade schools over universities. It’s no longer a way for those of lower income or those who are academically challenged to get ahead. At least for now it is a safer way to get an education in something useful that will “pay the bills”. Something that doesn’t happen with so many university grads.

      BUT, eventually those trade schools will be corrupted as well. So enjoy them while you can.

  2. Everything connected to governments and the major industries, which are all Gadianton owned and controlled, is corrupted by the fake religion they’re creating of wokeism, climate change, gender ideology, critical race theory, basically a gigantic putried pile of lies and evil that comes straight from Satan and opposes God, truth, facts, reality, and real science. It’s a global cult that will all eventually collapse, like a modern tower of Babel.

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