Is David Horowitz’s Freedom Center Just Fraudulent Freedom?

There are so many wolves in sheeps clothing these days.  Is David Horowitz just another one?

I read Rules for Revolution, a pamphlet put out by the David Horowitz Freedom Center.  It is a little booklet that covers Obama and his connection with Saul Alinsky and his implementation of Rules for Radicals.  As someone who understands how this is unfolding in America I initially appreciated the book.  A little while later I received a letter from the Freedom Center with an additional copy of the Rules for Revolution book.  In the letter I read two specific red flags that make me question who he is.  David openly admits he is a former radical communist but claims that he saw the light and “converted” during Ronald Reagan’s time.  But it’s looking more like he is just another among the thousands of communists in America that went into hiding decades ago by assuming another role.

So what are his red flags?  Two of the issues that are critical for the globalists are keeping the American public supportive of war and keeping the American public believing that Islam is the enemy of freedom (as opposed to the globalists/collectivism).

The first point is he claims his early years were spent in radical groups that were anti-capitalist and anti-war.  By lumping those two terms together it subconsciously suggests that to be against the radical left as a true capitalist then that means you are also pro-war.  Perpetual war gives the United Nations legitimacy because their original purpose was establishing world peace.  War is also a key component to the federal reserve/globalist central banks that profit lending money to all sides involved, further enslaving nations in the chains of fiat debt. 

Ron Paul said it best: “It is no coincidence that the century of total war coincided with the century of central banking.” 

The second point is several paragraphs in the letter pushing Islamic fear.  He was explaining his experiences speaking at colleges as such:

“We’ve created Islamic Apartheid Weeks on college campuses to counter the blood libel and propaganda of the widespread Israeli Apartheid Weeks put on by Muslim and radical student groups.  That’s in addition to our Terrorism Awareness Weeks which educate students on radical Islam’s plans for America, expose and fight the campus war against Israel and Jews, show the treatment of women under Islam, and more”

All of these are pro-globalist points.  The New World Order/Communism/Collectivism is where the enemies of freedom lurk, not within Islam (See “Inside the Terror Triangle” for a clear explanation of that if you want to learn more) and we, as Americans, willingly submit to the Department of Homeland Security, the TSA groping, the destruction of the constitution, etc. because we believe Islam is out to get us.  And the continued push to stand by Israel keeps us in unconditional support of war (which I do believe in standing by Israel as a people but they have globalist politicians running their country just like we do, so we’re not actually supporting a people by supporting corruption in their government).

Remember the images of Boston and a major US city in martial law because people believed that one Muslim was a threat.  Is that what we want?  That is what our fear is earning us.

All of this together also takes our military away from the U.S. leaving us vulnerable with far less defensive capabilities.  Russia and China’s military are surpassing ours (thanks to traitors in America that have helped them) while our citizenship is disarmed and our military is spread thin and worn out. 

Horowitz runs a site, discover the networks, where he says he publishes the inside info on “who they (the ‘left’) are”.  Having gained his followers’ trust he can effectively hide true conspirators from them by not including them in his official list.  He could also discredit true patriots by falsely placing them in a radical left network.  One perfect example is where he added Military Families Speak Out and Iraq Veterans Against the War (IVAW) to his list.  IVAW was started by one of the most anti-globalist activists there is, Adam Kokesh. Adam was a congressional candidate that was even endorsed by Ron Paul yet Horowitz wants to put him on the list of radical leftists?

Horowitz said his annual budget is $6.7 million, all from donations by good liberty loving Americans.  We can’t afford to waste time and money on a decoy enemy.

$6.7 million used wisely enough could be enough to win the information war.  $1 of truth can destroy $1,000 of propaganda.  The liberty movement does need political victories, but to make victories last past elections and legislation we need to educate enough people on the constitution and the gem of liberty that they inherited.  This strategy of educating the public has found success for over 50 years through the John Birch Society.  We all have them to thank for pushing the collectivist takeover of America back by many decades.


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