Some Truth About the Paris Shooting and the War on EU Muslim Integration

While most of the world buys into the media story that the Muslims are out to get us, it takes a critical thinker to see what’s really going on.  Once you understand how governments and media manipulate stories it becomes easier to see the news for what it is.  Random lone wolf shootings do not get news coverage like the Paris shooting did.  There is always a calculated reaction built into terrorist attacks and the media’s role is to build the story so that people and/or governments react with that calculated behavior and others accept that reaction.

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The following complete article is posted with permission from Joel Skousen’s World Affairs Brief


The violent execution-style attack on the Paris anti-Muslim newspaper Charlie Hebdo (short for hebdomadaire, French meaning “Weekly”) has sent Paris reeling in fear of Muslim extremism. Adding to the fear, a policewoman was shot at a traffic accident involving another well-armed Muslim in a bulletproof vest who was perhaps on the way to another attack. Then a gasoline station north of Paris was robbed of fuel and food at gunpoint by two masked gunmen fitting the description of the Charlie attack. Now the two are dead after a dramatic assault at print shop near the airport. So is the other unrelated shooter who was holding a hostage at a different location. While the story appears to be a case of Muslim extremism, there is some evidence that points to a false flag operation. If true, many of the facts may never be known now that two of the suspects are dead.

Suspicious aspects to the case are:

First, the assailants killed with military precision, were dressed in black military style clothing, and didn’t kill indiscriminately—only top people at the paper. That shows pre-planning in great detail with a specific target list and a special motive beyond a simple revenge attack upon the anti-Islam newspaper, in general.

Second, what professional terrorists of this ability post their ideas in advance on Facebook? The Daily Mail continues,

This morning a Facebook page under the name of Safid Kouachi has been uncovered. It was created in April 2014, and while it cannot be verified, it contains posts relating to radical Islam, along with images of bullets and weapons. In one picture, captioned le frero which translates as ‘the brother’, a man [not either brother] is shown training with an AK-47 rifle, the same used during the attack on the Charlie Hebdo offices yesterday. The page has now been taken down after it was widely circulated online and attracted abuse. It is not immediately clear who removed the page.

Facebook entries and pages can be planted as well to complete the picture. Once again, all this planted evidence points to amateur jihadists but the attack was anything but the work of amateurs.

Third, the third shooter and getaway car driver that authorities claimed was involved, gave himself up to police in Paris after his name was mentioned in social media. He was Mourad Hamyd, 18, who has a pretty good alibi—he was in class at the time.

Fourth, the background on the two suspects doesn’t match the highly professional military style assault on the building as well as the subsequent execution of a policeman they encountered during the escape route. The pair exited the car, shot the policeman and then moved in closer to execute him as he pled for his life. Why do that when you are escaping unless your mandate is to specifically foster fear and increase Muslim-French conflict in Paris. They then reentered the car and drove off, abandoning it later and then hijacking another getaway car. These were professional hit-men with military automatic weapons and body armor, not first time terrorists.

The pair was also seen using military hand signals to communicate during the attack and afterward during the escape. Neither suspect has military training. Instead, as the Daily Mail reports, they come from a rather dysfunctional background:

The Paris jihadis were orphan dope-smoking, rapping, petty criminals before being radicalized and police knew about their terror links for ten years. The brothers Said, 34, and Cherif Kouachi, 32, are being hunted by police. The pair lived life of failure and petty crime before being trained as killers.

Actually, the Mail is simply assuming they must have been trained—to match the story—but there is no public or verifiable history of them having attended military or terrorist training.

Cherif worked as a pizza delivery driver and used cash to buy cannabis. He was also featured on French TV in 2005 while posing as a rapper. The brothers radicalized by Paris Imam who “gave them sense of importance.” They were known to police after being arrested over links to terror group in 2005., around the same time Cherif appeared on TV claiming to be a rapper.

Cherif was arrested again in 2008 after trying to board a plane to Damascus with an AK-47 operating manual, while both were named on police papers in 2010 over a plot to break a known jihadi out of jail [but released a few months later for the state’s own purposes]. Said believed to have been living in Reim with partner and two children [not the MO of professional hit men] and Cherif thought to live in Gennevilliers on fourth-floor flat with his wife. Police found radical videos and child porn in Cherif’s home.

It’s after young radical Muslims are arrested that they are often coerced into working for the state as agent provocateurs. In any case, both the US and France began to realize that their background story didn’t match their military precision, and so both intelligence services provided the appropriate cover story on Friday about at least one of the brothers having attended a terror training school, but they came up with conflicting versions. The French said it was in Syria and the Americans started spreading the story in the media on Thursday that Said had “contact” with a training camp in Yemen. It is strange that US intelligence claims to know, after the fact, who comes and goes to every terror training camp in the world. If they do, why aren’t they bombing those camps?

Neither government provided proof, just their word. If either was true, the US had more cause than to simply put their names on “no fly” lists, as claimed. They certainly would have coordinated with France to arrest them before any of this happened—unless the French were controlling these two and prepping them for the attack. Who supplied the military gear and automatic weapons? PM Hollande admitted that both men were known to French intelligence.

Lastly, one of the biggest hints that this may have been a false flag operation was the fact that perpetrators left an ID in the car they abandoned, pointing to their identity. What terrorist even takes an ID on the attack? If so, it’s in a pocket, not left behind on the seat of a car. Professionals are trained never to do this kind of thing, for this very reason.

This is just what happened during the 9/11 false flag operation where US black ops planted evidence about the supposed hijackers (which weren’t the real ones that hijacked the planes anyway) in a van at the airport parking lot, complete with a flight manual on the Boeing aircraft and Muslim tape recordings. How believable is that? True terrorists don’t drive their own vehicles to the airport nor do they buy tickets with a credit card traceable to themselves. They use cash and take a taxi or have an accomplice drop them off. All of this bogus terrorist evidence was planted to bolster the official story—just like the pristine passport of one of the supposed hijackers that survived the crash of the airliner into the WTC and the total destruction of the tower when it was detonated by timed explosive charges.

In like manner, this ID in the Paris car was almost assuredly planted in order to point to the two patsies, who may or may not have been the actual shooters. They are currently holed up with a hostage at a print shop surrounded by the military. Will either survive to tell, or will we only get their version of events from government spokesmen?

We may never know, but the Kouachi brothers were probably involved in some aspects of terror as directed by handlers from the French secret services who, like our own FBI, infiltrate Mosques on a constant basis in order to cultivate future terrorists and patsies out of the long list of disgruntled and shiftless Muslim youth that abound in urban areas. These two are probably fleeing because they were involved in some related plot but got tagged to be taken down.

The Motive: Whether this is an act of Muslim extremism or a government false flag operation, we have to examine the possible motives in either case. As background keep in mind that a huge backlash movement is brewing all over Europe against Muslim immigration. This week saw huge anti-immigration rallies in Germany (and counter rallies mustered by the establishment) and anti-immigration political parties have been making huge gains in the past two elections. As Bloomberg Business Week pointed out, the right wing Front National Party is the third largest party in France and growing.

France’s Front National leader Marine Le Pen [daughter of founder Jean-Marie Le Pen] pinned the blame for the killing of 12 people in Paris yesterday on Islamic radicals, as mainstream leaders tried to downplay the religious dimension of the attack.

While President Francois Hollande called for national unity in an attempt to deter the public from demonizing the country’s 5-million strong Muslim community, Le Pen said France has to confront the beliefs of the gunmen who stormed the offices of satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo.

The European mainstream has been downplaying the Muslim problem for decades, and works tirelessly to undercut the growing popular outrage against Muslim crime and seeming immunity from French laws.

The lessons voters draw from the deadliest attack on French soil since World War II will shape the political debate as the country looks toward the 2017 election. Hollande, the most unpopular president in modern history, is struggling to make up ground on Le Pen, who’s seen her support surge as she blames immigrants for France’s near-record unemployment and deepening inequalities. 

Charlie Hebdo has been angering Muslims for more than a decade. In 2003 it published an editorial calling Tariq Ramadan, a prominent Muslim academic in Switzerland, “an anti-Semitic propagandist.” French authorities also tried to stop the newspaper from publishing a cartoon that showed Mohammed naked—and when the paper refused, riot police were sent to guard its offices.

Globalists against liberty in both Europe and America play both sides of every issue—drugs, war, race, and immigration. Just as in America where the Obama administration plays up to Islam’s peaceful intentions, so the French establishment is eager to downplay any Muslim fears. Still, French police felt duty bound to protect Charlie against Muslim extremists until the threat appeared to wear off—leaving Charlie vulnerable. Bloomberg Business Week:

Even after the [2011] firebombing forced it to move out of its offices for two months, the staff didn’t seem overly frightened. “We received threats by e-mail all the time, and phone calls, but we didn’t really take them seriously,” an unnamed staff member told Le Monde after the attack. Charbonnier and other prominent staff members were offered police protection but didn’t always use it, Le Monde said. Like most newspapers in the 21st century, Charlie Hebdo seemed to consider lack of money as the biggest threat to its existence. [In reality, government black ops is the greatest threat to independent journalism.]

If this was an ideological Muslim terror attack there would be no beneficial motive. The horrific press coverage an attack like this produces doesn’t help their cause at all. Violence done by an unstable single Muslim might not need a motive, but this was highly planned and executed, meaning that some hierarchy of leadership was planning and most likely calling the shots. Just like the ISIS beheadings these attacks only work to establish the brutal image of the perpetrator’s organization and build popular opinion against them (and thus build up the trumped up threat which is the real purpose of ISIS false flag beheadings).

But what would the globalist’s motive be in engineering this? After all, this attack seems to be helping the EU skeptics and will build the anti-immigration movement rather than allow it to continue. Yes, it does, but I think the “conflict of culture agenda” the globalists have put in motion is now unstoppable. The two claimed suspects were born in France, so shutting down immigration, although helpful, wouldn’t stop the existing problem of the millions of Muslim already in France. All the globalists have to do to take advantage of the Muslim issue is to create lots of conflict. Keep in mind that it was the EU globalists who opened the floodgates of Muslim immigration and they did it for a strategic purpose beyond cheap labor. 

The conflict created is to justify more powerful government control and intervention in the name of security. Muslim immigration will not be stopped. Instead, you will see an ever larger and more heavily armed police state, more control of free speech, and other forms of tyranny.

The US is far behind EU in terms of the numbers of Muslim immigrants, but the Obama administration is using the war in Syria and UN membership to justify accepting thousands of UN designated Muslim refugees into the US where they will create a similar problem for us.


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