Crimes of the Bureau of Land Management

BLM Agents Destroying Ranches, Animals and Homes by Fire

“Last night while everybody was asleep they lit the fire close to everybody’s houses”
(Actual video footage of the BLM starting the fires. Ranchers are shown making a fire break to protect their land, while the BLM lights fires around them.)

“Days after the Hammonds were sentenced as “Arsonal Terrorists” the BLM started multiple fires that killed and injured cattle, burned homes and destroyed other property.”

“Prescribed burns in the area are done in late fall.  BLM started this fire in early July. It burned most of the summer feed needed for the cattle.”

“This is about control.  They terrorize the ranchers to get them off the land so politicians can use it for profit.”

BLM agents threatening to arrest ranchers for trying to save their own land.

BLM agents starting fires only 100 feet away for a corral.

“The BLM fire reportedly killed more than 80 head of cattle. Put ranchers trying to save their cattle in extreme danger, injured other cattle, burnt homes and structures, burnt fences and power poles and threatened the town of Frenchglenn.”

“Even though all the fires were started by the BLM and most of the fires were left unattended, the BLM refused to pay for the loss of cattle, homes, fences, and corrals.”

“While the federal government is burning up homes, cattle and terrorizing entire communities, the Hammond’s are being prosecuted as “Terrorists” by the federal government, for starting a backfire that saved land, homes, cattle and harmed no one.”

Listen to our interview with Lavoy Finicum, from Jan 21st, 2016

First hand report straight from Oregon.

Who is actually undermining freedom?

Hear Lavoy Finicum say “The federal government loves The American Lands Council”


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