SLTribune Attacks Parental Rights, Religious Freedom – Force Parents to Testify Against Themselves

Parents are winning and on the right track after acting on information Defending Utah brought to light recently, exposing the Utah Health Department.  Because of actions taken by hundreds of parents across the state, the Utah Health Department is feeling the pressure by the public and lawmakers for stomping on parental rights.  However, certain political elitists in the state are not happy with this because it gets in the way of their plans for a gradual move towards forced mandatory vaccinations, and they have made their voice known through an opinion piece in the Salt Lake Tribune newspaper.  A trail of mainstream media reports can be found (see below) documenting how the state’s elites want to get the public on board with their position.

As Defending Utah reported earlier, the state vaccine opt-out form requires parents to admit guilt to harming their kids if those parents want to opt out of state mandated vaccinations. The Constitution protects your God given right not to testify against yourself though, especially when you don’t think you’re actually guilty.

Due to Defending Utah’s reports, the legislature pressured the state health department to change the form.  Those working to destroy parents’ rights are now working to get legislation passed requiring the admission of guilt be added back to the opt out form.

The Salt Lake Tribune and other forced vaccination advocates can’t even come up with legitimate numbers to back up their claims. In the recent editorial, the tribune states “Two million children a year. Maybe 3 million… are saved worldwide each year by the routine vaccination of children”.  If the science backs up their claims, then surely they would know how many.  Nope, they have to just throw ridiculous numbers out there with no basis in reality to scare you into supporting forced medical treatment, a practice outlawed by post Nazi Nuremberg code.

If parents want to protect their rights or the rights of others, they will have to make their voices heard and contact their legislator to make sure this fifth amendment violation is not added back in to the opt out form this coming session.


1. Use option C to opt your child out.  Don’t accept option B.  Stand your ground as described in our original article.

2. Tell your legislator to sponsor this model legislation to restore parental rights in Utah.  Contact us at Defending Utah if your legislator says he/she will sponsor this bill.




1. Original Report with full truth – Utah Vaccine Exemption a Trap for Parents

2. Mainstream media reports with a mix of half truths and slanders:

A. KSL – Lawmaker says immunization ‘risk’ statement creating confusion

B. SL Tribune – Utah lawmakers let parents opt out of vaccinating their kids without having to acknowledge health risks

C. Tribune Editorial: Make foolish anti-vax parents acknowledge the risk

3. Harvard Study Proves Unvaccinated Children Pose No Risk


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