Undercover Afterschool: Abortion marketed to Utah children


The following article was originally posted by ProLife Utah.  An undercover investigation shows what your children are really taught in after school programs.  Planned Parenthood of Utah provides the same material, and sometimes the very same class, directly to public schools in Utah.


I Attended Planned Parenthood of Utah’s Comprehensive Sex-Ed Class

  • Ally Dawson
  • 09/20/2018



Toward the end of a 6-week comprehensive sex-ed class in Utah taught by Planned Parenthood, an innocent, well-meaning 12-year-old girl raised her hand and asked, “if a woman has sex with another woman, can she get pregnant?” The Planned Parenthood sex educator answered the seemingly basic question as follows:


“That question is only slightly complicated because [pregnancy] requires that somebody has a uterus and the other person has a penis. So, we know that there are sometimes people who identify as a woman, but whose body parts include a penis. So, the only time a person can get pregnant is if there is somebody with a uterus and somebody with a penis. And that could mean that both people identify as a woman, or one person identifies as a woman and the other as a man, or both identify as a man even.”



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