Salt Lake City is FCC 5G Test City : What Are the Dangers?

People are always on the lookout for the latest and greatest technology to make their lives easier and more convenient. People always want to get things done faster. Now the hype behind 5G wireless technology promises speeds on your wireless devices that are even faster than your home internet.

However, in addition to all this hype, there are a lot of concerns over the possible health side effects of 5G technology.

In 2018, the Utah legislature passed SB189 to allow 5G to come to Utah. SB189’s chief sponsor was Buckshot (Utah Illuminati) member, Curt Bramble R-Provo. On September 18th 2019, the FCC announced that Salt Lake would be a test market for the new 5G technology.

When new medicines are tested, the side effects are not known, and therefore any test subjects must give their consent to be tested upon, often receiving compensation for taking the risk. As the effects of 5G are unknown, it stands to reason that consent would be ethical. But instead, the people of the Salt Lake valley will be test subjects to 5G technology without this consent.

Defending Utah interviewed Eric Windheim BA, EMRS, BBEC, a Certified Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist & Certified Building Biology Environmental Consultant to discuss the science and the health effects of 5G and other EMF signals and more.


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  • Seems like the resistance in Utah is nonexistent. This is completely outrageous. The ‘science’ the FDA supports is obviously biased.
    • It IS ABSOLUTELY OUTRAGEOUS!! I DO NOT CONSENT!!! MY BODY MY CHOICE!!! My children are in harms way. They have erected this garbage ON TOP OF TAYLORSVILLE HIGH SCHOOL!!! I have been ill since they fired it up. If my children become ill no lawmaker involved will be safe from my wrath. MARK MY WORDS!!!
      • I agree with your concerns.  Please check out this link.  The video on this website, the 5G Summit is only available to watch for free until 9am tomorrow.  This is a website from a lawyer who successfully got 5G removed from some cities in Australia.  Very important advice.
  • Why don't they test it out in silicone valley.  Wait it's been studied and it's dangerous. Corona waves are oddly enough named but really dangerous. Why are we being test subjects for possible cancer and death. Nikola Tesla studies shows how much energy frequency and vibration make the world and Atoms basically vibrational frequency. The split hole theory shows how consciousness effects atoms .. because people are closed off from information willing and unwillingly people suffer. I am energy sensitive and my son and when our internet is unplugged it's more peaceful and relaxing and on its yelling and irritating. I've been testing this watching my kids when it's on and off I'm not ok with this it's hurting me and my kids.

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