Salt Lake City is FCC 5G Test City : What Are the Dangers?

People are always on the lookout for the latest and greatest technology to make their lives easier and more convenient. People always want to get things done faster. Now the hype behind 5G wireless technology promises speeds on your wireless devices that are even faster than your home internet.

However, in addition to all this hype, there are a lot of concerns over the possible health side effects of 5G technology.

In 2018, the Utah legislature passed SB189 to allow 5G to come to Utah. SB189’s chief sponsor was Buckshot (Utah Illuminati) member, Curt Bramble R-Provo. On September 18th 2019, the FCC announced that Salt Lake would be a test market for the new 5G technology.

When new medicines are tested, the side effects are not known, and therefore any test subjects must give their consent to be tested upon, often receiving compensation for taking the risk. As the effects of 5G are unknown, it stands to reason that consent would be ethical. But instead, the people of the Salt Lake valley will be test subjects to 5G technology without this consent.

Defending Utah interviewed Eric Windheim BA, EMRS, BBEC, a Certified Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist & Certified Building Biology Environmental Consultant to discuss the science and the health effects of 5G and other EMF signals and more.



2 Responses

  1. Curt Bramble is a dear friend of mine. I am shocked that
    he pushed the 5g tower to be built near the university and my home. I would think it is near his home too. My daughter is a expert on the dangers of the 5g enrgy. It will give people health problems. Please get Curt to remove that unhealthy monster off of 9th east. Why is
    it so important to have energy faster at the risk of causing people pain? Us older folks and the students?
    Sincerely, Betty Pettit a resident on 1450E?

  2. SB189’s chief sponsor was Buckshot (Utah Illuminati) member, Curt Bramble R-Provo

    Curt Bramble lives outside of the test area. I did not consent to being his test rat. Currently the results are all bad. Most people here are experiencing sore throat’s Headaches, pressure and pain. and the constant high pitch frequency is deafening. Its common to see people holding there heads in agony. Its bad and needs to be turned off now. Curt Bramble needs to be held to account for the pain and suffering he has inflicted.

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