12 Virus Experts: The King is Naked. COVID 19

Wolfgang Wodarg Reality Check Corona

Since publishing this, we’ve found this list of 12 professional in related medical/science fields, all questioning this pandemic
Dr Sucharit Bhakdi is a specialist in microbiology
Dr Wolfgang Wodarg is a German physician specialising in Pulmonology
Dr Joel Kettner is a professor of Community Health Sciences and Surgery at Manitoba University
Dr John Ioannidis Professor of Medicine, of Health Research and Policy and of Biomedical Data Science, at Stanford University School of Medicine and a Professor of Statistics at Stanford University School of Humanities and Sciences
Dr Yoram Lass is an Israeli physician, politician and former Director General of the Health Ministry
Dr Pietro Vernazza is a Swiss physician specialising Infectious Diseases at the Cantonal Hospital St. Gallen and Professor of Health Policy
Frank Ulrich Montgomery is German radiologist, former President of the German Medical Association and Deputy Chairman of the World Medical Association
Prof. Hendrik Streeck is a German HIV researcher, epidemiologist and clinical trialist. He is professor of virology, and the director of the Institute of Virology and HIV Research, at Bonn University
Dr Yanis Roussel et. al. – A team of researchers from the Institut Hospitalo-universitaire Méditerranée Infection, Marseille
Dr. David Katz is an American physician and founding director of the Yale University Prevention Research Center
Michael T. Osterholm is regents professor and director of the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy at the University of Minnesota
Dr Peter Goetzsche is Professor of Clinical Research Design and Analysis at the University of Copenhagen and founder of the Cochrane Medical Collaboration.

German Virus Experts: The King is Naked. COVID 19

Summary of the bottom line from his statement:

On March 13th, 2020, a well-known German doctor, Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg, with deep knowledge of viruses went public with a very well explained and scientifically based statement.  Currently nearly 2 million people have seen the english translation of this video. If we assume that governments and main stream media outlets of the world are truly concerned with the spread of a virus and protecting the lives of citizens, then this statement should have been #1 international news and instantly restored governments and civil liberties back to normal.

For those who are busy and just like headlines I’m going to give you the bottom line. For those who like to read and be further educated, I will give a longer explanation and provide a full transcript of his statement.

“it’s going to be very hard for critics to say ‘Stop. There is nothing going on’ ” – Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg

Summary of the bottom line from his statement:

  • Many well intended people have been misled because they trusted that doctors, scientists and world leaders have done their due diligence, but this is not the case for the ones making decisions for world governments.
  • The current epidemic is nothing more than the regular seasonal flu, at best.
  • There is no such thing as “THE Corona Virus” there are “MANY Corona viruses”, as every year new strains are discovered, and they have always existed. This is a natural and well understand concept in virology.
  • Every year, out of all FLU cases, 7 – 15% of people will test positive for a corona virus. Therefore, it is nothing new to say that people are testing positive for corona virus.  We have all had a corona virus in our lifetimes already, multiple times. “Testing” for “Corona” and claiming to get a positive result, is misleading and does not mean you’re part of a new outbreak.
  • Claims of death rates due to a new single virus are false, and existing normal deaths are being unscientifically labeled with “the corona virus” as the cause of death.
  • Every year these many new viruses are recorded in a database, and tracked so other professionals can study them and conclusions can be made if they’re dangerous.
  • Tests and research on the alleged COVID-19 virus completely skipped the standard scientific processes of peer review. No statements of danger were ever made based on scientific testing. When the panic started and politicians got involved, it became unpopular to speak against it.  It has even become a cash cow for some to get funding for projects and institutions.
  • Over all the hype, governments and people with agendas around the world are using this hype to their advantage for a variety of reasons, with little motivation to scale it down and tell the truth. And all the common people are paying the extreme price.

What some people in various communities are recommending:

  • Nobody needs to get tested for Corona viruses, everyone should do what they normally do during any FLU season to stay healthy and not spread germs when they’re sick. Because after all, this is truly just business as usual if you take away the hype.
  • Stay away from any solutions that are offered from the same institutions that are perpetuating the untruths.
  • Businesses should stay open; the people have the power to get back to normal life. It’s all in our heads.
  • Support businesses that are being brave and staying open. Find ways to encourage people to re-open.  Defend your neighbors who stand up for what is right.
  • We should speak openly and confidently that we do not recognize this #FakePandemic as a valid reason to suspend the rights of all human beings in every nation around the world, destroy business, lives, and just create generic panic over.
  • If a medical professional cannot answer the questions the four questions posed below by Dr. Wodarg, then they cannot tell you they know there’s really an outbreak.

Wolfgang Wodarg Reality Check Corona

Full video and transcript of his statement:

(Note: minor grammar edits done in some places to account for english translation variations)


Part 1 – Introduction

I would like to tell something about the corona virus epidemic that we allegedly are having right now.  First I thought this hype is going to end again, but it has increased so much, and we finally have to start taking a closer look.

I worked as a doctor and conducted a health department, I had my own sentinel, my own monitoring system for flu diseases.  And every year I observed how many people became sick in an area of 150,000 inhabitants.

Part 2 – Scientific Background of Viruses and Corona Viruses

Every new year – worldwide – we have new types of viruses because the viruses have to change themselves.  If the same viruses just came again in the next year, our immune system would recognize them, so they would not be able to make us sick or to multiple – which is what they [the viruses] want.  So they regularly have to change a bit and that’s why we have new variants of these viruses every year.

There are about 100 different types of viruses that are changing constantly. Up to now, we didn’t really care which viruses caused this flu (COVID 19) … or disease or however you want to call it.

But there have been investigations over several years in Glasgow.  There they tried to use the available tests – that means they didn’t examine all 100 types, but just the ones they had tests for.  So they looked at maybe 8 or 10 different viruses and coronaviruses have always been part of them.

These are the figured from Glasgow [1:37 in the video].  Starting from 2005 to 2013 they checked which viruses occur among respiratory diseases.  And these colored columns are the viruses [1:51 in the video].  The green parts refer to the coronavirus that was always in the mix.

The corona viruses normally make up 7% to 15%, maybe 5% to 14%, it always fluctuates a bit.  Hence, it’s just normal that a big part of viruses are corona viruses.

Part 3 – How it Started

So, the following happens: In Wuhan there is the biggest safety laboratory for viruses in whole China.  So, there are a lot of experts on the topic, dealing with it all day long.  Wuhan is a big city, 11 million inhabitants, big hospitals, big intensive care units, always people being ventilated, people with pneumonia … hundreds of them and they did tests with a few patients, less than 50, looked for the viruses they had and examined their RNA in the laboratory and they found a new type. This attracted their attention.

When a virologist finds something like this, he puts it in a global data base. And this data base is accessible for scientists all over the world, in Berlin for example.  In Berlin they checked and compares this new entry and tried to create a test to measure this new variant of corona virus.

Then Mr. Drosten submitted a protocol to the WHO, and it got admitted really quickly [Jan 16, 2020, 3:19 in the video).  Usually, as a test is considered a medical product, it has to be validated.  That means it has to be checked very precisely.

What does this test actually say?  What does it measure?  The mentioned test is an inhouse-test developed in the Charite-clinic.

There weren’t any validated tests yet, but because the great panic arose, it was decided to just use this test everywhere. And then Mr. Drosten provided the test. Of course, the virologist can’t say if the virus is dangerous or not. He can only say: “This one is different” or “We have a test for this” … But is the virus dangerous, Mr. Drosten? How is he supposed to know? He would need further epidemiological data based on observations of how sick the people are.  How fast do they get healthy again?  Are there less victims than before? That’s why it is important to look at the data from previous years to compare them. To look at the mortality rates to see how many people died of the virus.

Part 4 – Truly studying the numbers

So, while looking for a specific virus, for example this corona virus, you can examine the total population. What you will find is that presumably around 8% or 10% of the population will have some kind of virus, that makes them sick. But if you examine medical practices, do your tests there to determine who is sick, then of course you would find a lot of more positive cases. And if you examine hospitals and take samples there then you would find even more corona-infected people. That is to say, depending on which proportions of the population you examine, whether it is the whole population, patients in the waiting room, people in a clinic, or when you examine very ill patients in the intensive care unit that are about to die – you will expectedly find these 7% – 15% corona viruses every time you do a test.  However, whether they die of a corona virus or of other viruses while also having corona, can’t be determined for sure with this.

So, when you look at the death rates in Italy, you want to know where the tests have been taken. Where and how have these few available tests been used? If they were used in a hospital on serious or terminally ill cases then obviously the corona death rate rises. Just because it looked like it, because of the specific group that was examined. [Test results at 6:09 in video] The results indicate systemic errors, or bias, in data collection or measurements. Mortality, disease-specific mortality, refers to the percentage of dead among the people infected with this disease. And concerning the seasonal acute respiratory disease, commonly known as the flu, there is a mortality of 0.1% which already is the maximum. That means that one in a thousand flu-infected inhabitants dies – every winter. So now we will have to see whether this number increased because of corona viruses.   The assumption for Germany is that there are 20,000 or 30,000 more deaths than without the flu. This is called excess mortality.

[Ritirement home example shown at 7:03 in video] [An average retirement home at any given time will test 7 – 15% positive for corona viruses]. So now we know that corona viruses always make up 5% to 14% of all flu viruses – Let’s say 10% [to use as an example]. Let us assume that in the previous years we tested all seriously ill patients in the hospital for a corona virus, which of course did not happen, we would have expected to find 2,000 – 3,000 people dying of a flu each year, that also had a corona virus. And we still are far away from these numbers.

Part 5 – Political Situation

Apparently it is the case that virologists created something very sensational here, and with their creation they really impressed the Chinese government as well. The Chinese government made something really big out of it, suddenly this was very important politically  – completely exceeding the virological frame. All of a sudden, face recognition was installed everywhere at the airports [this was actually already in place in China], fever was being measure.  The clinical thermometer controller the traffic on Chinese streets. And all this was so significant that it led to international consequences, politicians had to deal with it, had to take a stand. Then the virologists came into play again. The governments asked their own virologists and they confirmed that this virus is a thing to worry about and proposed to develop tests to help measure the virus – like in China. Something was woven around this. A network of information and opinions has been developed in certain expert groups. And the politicians turned to these expert groups, who initially started all this. And they really absorbed this network, moved within it. This led to politicians who now are just resting on these arguments, while using these arguments to evaluate who has to be helped, to determine safety measures or what has to be permitted.

Part 6 – Conclusion

All these decisions have just been derived from these arguments. Which means that now it’s going to be very hard for critics to say “Stop. There is nothing going on.” And this remind me of this fairytale about the king without clothes on. And just a small child was able to say “Hey, he is naked!”. All the others in the courtyard – surrounding the government and asking the government for advice, because they can’t know themselves – they all played along and joined the hype. And like this, politicians are being courted by many scientists. Scientists who want to be important in politics because they need money for their institutions. Scientists who just swim along in the mainstream and also want their part … “We can help too!”, “We made an app!”, “We have a program for this!” … So many people saying, “Hey, we want to help too!”, because they want to earn money with it and become important. And what is missing at the moment is a rational way of looking at things.

We should ask questions like

  • “How have you found out that the virus is dangerous?”
  • “How was it before?”
  • “Didn’t we have the same thing last year?”
  • “Is it even something new?”

These questions are missing. And the king is naked.


While Dr. Wodarg understands the false nature of this pandemic, he states the main motives for people not telling truth at this time are political expediency, institutions losing funding, etc.  However, we recommend looking a little further to what is known as “Event 201”.  Let Bill Gates and his friends tell you in their own words what they “practiced” for last October.

A crowd funding campaign has started to fund the creation of a documentary film exposing the full details of this hoax.
Please see: www.CoronaFilm.com (https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/corona-film/x/22423935)


Sources and supporting information

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– Government Death Stats are fraudulently unscientific – https://www.defendingutah.org/post/2020/03/27/covid19-gov-death-stats-based-on-your-feelings


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