The People are Ending the Emergency on Their Own Authority

The People are Ending the Emergency on Their Own Authority

End the Utah State of Emergency - Mother's March on the Governor's Mansion

Mothers of children in Utah government schools, as well as many other concerned fathers, brothers, sisters, grandparents, and friends have been protesting non-stop (eight hours per day) at the governor's mansion since August 22nd, 2020 (over two weeks so far) and there are still more protestors signing up to represent the voice of the people that have been silenced.  We thought we'd bring you a collection of photos from this multi-week protest.

An interview with a male protestor told Defending Utah that, "We are giving the governor one last chance to do the right thing.  Over the last six months, an infinite supply of phone calls, letters, and protests have been ignored and even mocked and the people are ready to stand for the constitution."

The protestor's statement was referring to a collaborative effort by many local civic committees, activist groups, and individuals all over Utah to use the power of constitutional law itself to declare an end to the state of emergency in Utah and revoke the people's consent to be governed under emergency powers.  One of the groups that has already said they will ratify the "End of the Emergency Declaration" is Take Action for Freedom, where they are inviting any individual to add their personal ratification to the upcoming declaration.  Their plan is to invite you to deliver the ratified declaration with them in a march to the governor's mansion on Sep 12th after the final document is published that morning on the Utah Central Committee website.

Get details about the event on the facebook event page or the official event page here.

As Defending Utah was excited to hear about this initiative, we would like to show our support by inviting anyone else to sign up to march on Sep 12th in Salt Lake City and add their voice to the ratifiers of the declaration.

The following photos have been taken over the past two weeks:

Local resident explains how you can help:

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  • I'm an Asian American ready to stand up for the constitution. The "plannedemic" is unfounded and based off of purposeful lies from paid professionals to the media.
  • How can I get auto messages or updates on these events so I can support them?
  • Unmask Utah. It’s my choice not the Governor.
  • The Governor does not have the authority to take away our liberties. It’s time for Gary to leave the office and resign.
  • I am a small business owner and this has cost me a lot! It’s taking a toll on my son who has to wear a mask to school and he comes home with headaches!
      Gary, this must stop the day before yesterday!!
  • People, we can't afford to be divided on the principles of freedom. Surrendering Safety to an agency other than yourself will not produce a life worth living. If someone or something is liable for your life then you can't be free. Dependance is the gateway to slavery, independence is the bridge to freedom.
  • Let's band together and form a community. Hugs Over Masks does just that. Come join us on Sunday at 5 pm at riverton city park, near the southern pavillion.
  • Great guys I wish to have the same courage here in Tijuana
  • if we the people dont take back controle of our government, that means federal, state, county, city, military, etcetera. we will end up under a world dictatership this world will never recover from.
  • I am all in with you all. Masks do not protect anyone. Viruses are way to tiny for MOST masks. When you do your own research you learn the truth. All the Governors and Mayors are lying to us all. Their contract (oath) is to listen to what the people are saying. WE PAY THEM THEIR PAYCHECKS.  
  • My freedoms dont end with your fears. This state of emergency has no ground. We are done with your inflated ego. You have sold us out and we will not sot quietly. I will not sacrifice my freedom nor my kids freedom for your political scam. I stand my myself. O stand for my kids. I stand for those to scared to stand for themselves. FREE THE FACE
    • I stand with all of you.
  • I love this movement! I 💯 support you! Wish we could follow your example in Texas! So sick of the masks and I'm high risk! Thank you for your courage and for stepping up! ❤️
  • I want to do another March or be notified when another will happen.I do not wear a mask when I pick my kids up from school. But they have to wear one which according to all the research I've done they are breathing in there own particles dust pollen gets trapped it doesn't work to not get the virus study's proved it true could someone reach out to me.I have a great voice and want to help end this.

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