A BYU Pattern? Professor “White Bashing” and Other Bad Behavior

Is a BYU professor, Eric Bybee, threatening students in order to hide his indoctrinating “White-Bashing” assignment from public scrutiny?

That’s what some of our readers have wondered as news of a BYU professor’s behind-the-scenes behavior has become public on Instagram and news sites all over the web.

Examples of sites that have written articles exposing the BYU professor’s behavior:

Campus Reform (Read for full story)
Tampa Free Press
The Chronicle of Higher Education
Career Expounder

Defending Utah has reported multiples over the years on BYU professors, administrators or other school representatives behaving in a way that directly contradicts the principles of the faith that BYU claims to represent.

Some primary examples would be as follows:

1. BYU: Princess Culture Helps Boys Overcome Toxic Masculinity
2. BYU Censorship? Corona Virus Tyranny on Campus
3. BYU Professor Pushing Removal of Family Proclamation
4. Black Lives Matter at BYU
5. BYU Professor Attacks Teachings of the Church
6. BYU, Bernie Sanders and Marxist infiltration

Does BYU really want to represent themselves to the world by hiring these types of professors and administrators?

The public reaction can be seen in comments like this

Is this the image that BYU should by selling to the world?

Feedback we’ve heard at Defending Utah on this subject suggests that many members of the LDS church have been demanding their leaders begin restoring BYU to it’s correct foundation, intended by it’s founder Brigham Young.

It’s quite interesting that this is not the first time that some LDS students at BYU have demanded a restoration to correct church teachings. In fact, we have previously reported on when a student started a petition to restore the teachings of Jesus Christ to BYU.



11 Responses

  1. Kind of negates the argument many make for going to BYU or for its very existence – which is so kids can be around others who share their beliefs and standards.

    If you get professors who believe in and push for satanic Marxism, and all its contentious divisiveness and desperation to destroy everything good, then it makes it no better than any other school.

  2. I’m sorry, forgive me. May I rant once more? Because I have something to say of this matter, and it’s true origin.

    The real issue here, isn’t so much BYU. Yes, they are straying from traditional godly values that the Church, not too long ago, supported.

    The real issue is the Church itself. Can we then blame BYU for following the false principles being ‘prophesied’ by the Church’s leaders today?

    Here is a quote from the Church, which this Professor alluded to, and which guided BYU’s actions in this regard. I will show you how it’s false, no matter how good it’s meant to seem. In this case, the Church is attempting to present something under the guise of righteousness, which in fact is subtly deceptive and evil. It was given in response to good Church members who rightly pointed out we should be valuing our own culture, and preserving it.

    It has been called to our attention that there are some among the various pro-white and white supremacy communities who assert that the Church is neutral toward or in support of their views. Nothing could be further from the truth. In the New Testament, Jesus said: “Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind. This is the first and great commandment. And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself” (Matthew 22:37–39). The Book of Mormon teaches “all are alike unto God” (2 Nephi 26:33).

    White supremacist attitudes are morally wrong and sinful, and we condemn them. Church members who promote or pursue a “white culture” or white supremacy agenda are not in harmony with the teachings of the Church.

    Now, on the very thin surface of this statement, it appears suitably well-meaning. However, it is deceptive in that it collectively groups ‘white supremacy’, ‘pro-white’, and ‘white culture’ terms together as though they are the same thing, and resulting in condemnation of all terms and effectively anything that can be even shallowly connected to such. They aforementioned ‘white nationalism’ as well, which you can correctly consider the same as ‘white culture’.

    Before you ask, No. I am not white supremacist… you know, those cretins in white hoods who think murdering black people is the answer for Human progress. Nor am I any kind of ‘white is superior in the sight of God’ kind of person. But the real issue here is how you define and associate these terms, and who you apply them to.

    ‘white supremacy’: is often associated with those extremist groups like the KKK, and others like the Nazis. If the Church had clarified their statements apply to this term and similar ideologies, I think there would be little issue here, so long as they aren’t applying this ideology to those who do not follow it.

    ‘pro-white’: while I think most people, regardless of their ideology, wouldn’t relegate themselves to titles like “pro-white”, this is essentially a word assigned by detractors, to those who value their European Judeo-Christian heritage. It is meant to disparage that ‘white’ culture and undermine it, so as to destroy it. The fact the Church is willing to add this term to their wording shows they are also trying to include innocent Church members who wish to honor their cultural heritage along with the aforementioned supremacist extremist groups. This is something we see the Left/Globalists heavily engaged in.

    Their destroy-liberty-and-American-Ideals agenda is rooted in destroying our culture. The 1940’s Nazis and other Communists did all manner of unethical studies and produced philosophies whereby they could destroy the nations of the earth. They found the best way to do that, is through the very principles upon which Satan works. If you make people hate where they come from, they are already defeated. When a nation hates its own culture, the only thing left to do is replace that culture with something else.

    And finally, ‘white culture’ (& ‘white nationalism’): This is the most benign of the three terms. It is perhaps a misnomer of sorts. You may call it Judeo-Christian Culture, European Heritage, or any number of other terms. Again, it is given by those meaning to disparage white culture, to cast a seemingly ugly racist-hued light upon those who wish to value their heritage, who happen to be white, of European Judeo-Christian background.

    Think of it this way. Imagine, instead of talking about ‘white culture’ we were talking about Mormon Culture. What if the Church, or anyone else said: “Church members who promote or pursue a “Mormon culture” agenda are not in harmony with the teachings of Chirst.”?

    Of course that is absurd! It is fallacious. But it illustrates a point. When you consider that our Culture–when it is a culture of values and principles that’ve been the basis of all modern human prosperity, technology, convenience, enlightenment, and civilization–is the very thing we ought to value above all else, if we value anything at all.

    Shall I rather celebrate someone else’s culture, while hating my own? Black History Month doesn’t sound so good when it’s called White History Month. The racism embedded in it is from propaganda, and the devil; a false accusation against his brethren, both day and night. And all we?… condemned by association with the love we have with our heritage, which is being asscoiated, by true racists, with our skin color.

    But ‘white’ or no, it is the same. Our culture is a white culture, becuase our culture is made of white people traditionally. That isn’t bad. We aren’t evil for being white or recognising our genetic traits. And I feel no shame in claiming that. It doesn’t disparage anyone else’s culture or heritage or genetic traits any more than they celebrating and recognizing their’s does mine.

    2 Nephi 29:4 says:
    But thus saith the Lord God: O fools, they shall have a Bible; and it shall proceed forth from the Jews, mine ancient covenant people. And what thank they the Jews for the Bible which they receive from them? Yea, what do the Gentiles mean? Do they remember the travails, and the labors, and the pains of the Jews, and their diligence unto me, in bringing forth salvation unto the Gentiles?

    What thank they the jews indeed! Do they remember their travails, labors, pains, and diligence? In other words, do they respect the Jewish culture that lends to their own? Now one can argue what ancient Jews’ skin color was. But let’s say it was white as any of ours. What if the ancient Left of Biblical times wanted to destroy Judaism. The best way for that to occur is destroy the Jewish culture. What if the Jews’ enemies labeled Jews who love and want to preserve their culture ‘White Culture’ promoters or pursuers, and associated them with a small cult of Jewish extremists killing people?

    Of course the attack on Jewish Culture isn’t merely a theoretical exercise. Throughout the Bible, attacks on the Jewish people, the Children of Abraham, have often been waged with that goal in mind. To destroy their culture, and thus destroy them, and any knowledge of their God. You could say that is precisely what the Book Of Mormon Epic is all about. The whole story, from beginning to end is the struggle to defend the Nephite culture, first against their wicked brethren, the Lamanites, and later from Gadianton Robbers and the Secret Combinations that threatened to annihilate their cultural roots, their inherited values, and by extension, their God.

    But I mistake, because the beggining of that Epic was the exodus from the old world. God sent Lehi and his family to the new world, expressely for the purpose of preserving a culture of values and correct principles. And to preserve that culture’s history in the Book of Mormon, so we might value it, and learn to value our own, built upon the Bible.

    Nay…. can you not see the depth of the mistake the Church leaders have made now? Is my logic false, or do you hear the ring of falsity in my words?

    Can you see the magic the Church has weaved here? It is the same magic used by the Left, the communists, the Globalists, or whatever else you wish to call the servants of hell lording over this nation. Only worse, the Church leaders have taken a seemingly true principle and, pretending to issue it with the Authority of their stations, effectively present as word of God a doctrine of hell.

    And if we, who have, in large degree, fallen prey to this deception; for even now, we’re afraid to make the merest suggestion of valuing our heritage of Judeo-Christian Culture–or ‘white culture’ as our detractors call it–for fear of the Left and society judging us for being some part of racist/supremacist/extremist groups. And if we continue on in this path–which culture hangs by a thread as I write this–but if we go on in this manner, our enemies will effectively have destroyed us. And if and when we and our God are restored, it will only be through much pain and suffering, so that some future generation might be thankless as we for the jewish culture, or even as we our own.

    Do you promote and pursue your own culture, that has, perhaps, brought the greatest Human enlightenment and prosperity the world has ever known? Do you think the founding documents are inspired of God? Do you have the same respect for your forefathers’ sacrifices as the Jews do theirs, or the blacks who celebrate Black History Month and their fathers who suffered under slavery?

    I tell you the world is filled with people who love and celebrate their cultures and their countries. But not in America. We’ve been taught to hate America and what it stands for, and to remain silent as they systematically dismantle it before our eyes, and re-write history to paint it as a bunch of evil men who only caused suffering and oppression of ‘minorities’.

    But we all should celebrate our culture. We should get on our knees and praise God for our culture, and tell him… nay, make an oath with him… that we will not forget it, but rend our coats and write it’s principles upon it, and hold it high. That we will teach it to our children, and that we will tend the garden of our love for the cultural heritage of our forefathers and foremothers, who paid with great sacrifice to establish their roots in the wilderness of America’s past. They suffered all manner of illness, starvation, cold, trekking across mountain and plain, river and canyon. They endured all manner of suffering. And what thank we our own fathers and mothers for the sacrifice they paid to establish a Jedeo-Christian, European, or ‘white’ culture for us to inherit?

    If we forget them. If we throw their heritage away like so much trash. If we do as Satan wants, and his servants bully us to do, and believe we cannot love and defend and preserve and promote our culture, as all others around this world do their cultures. If we do this… will God’s judgement not be just, when we are utterly destroyed, and we see our children defiled before our eyes by our enemies? When we are oppressed and afflicted with evil, while the devils themselves, straight out of hell, come to put all manner of evil upon us… will that reward not be a just one, if we fall for this vile trick we’ve been well-warned against, and let those we once respected, along with our most vile enemies, convince us to fear loving, defending and actively building our culture and heritage?

    Nephi said that all are alike unto God. That doesn’t mean we don’t have differences. It doesn’t mean that some human cultures aren’t effectively better than others; more conducive to prosperity, harmony, happiness; or better at producing desireable outcomes. It doesn’t mean we should abandon our unique heritages in favor of celebrating some other culture. We can love and build our own heritage, first and foremost, and respect another’s cultural heritage at the same time.

    We can promote our own heritage. It’s called passing your values on to the next generation. We don’t have to be shamed by anyone. Least of all, Church leaders who know better, and hope to bully us with their false doctrines. We don’t need to downplay it either, or make excuses for their words. They knew what they were implying. They aren’t stupid after all. They knew they were lumping-in innocent people with their Leftist/communist style hyperbole. It isn’t even the first time they’ve done it. And we aren’t wrong in pointing it out. In exposing it. That is, after all, what the true children of God do. They expose and fight evil. They don’t accept it, no matter where it comes from. They dont downplay it, or excuse it. They openly, honestly call it out as the tool of the adversary.

    I am a proud advocator, promoter, and active builder of our white culture. A culture that has produced more human happiness and prosperity than any other culture in known history. That culture has been hijacked by evil people who wish, more than anything else, to destroy it, and the happiness it produces to people’s of many cultures. They hate it, and they want me to hate it. But I will not. No, not even if all the holy men of the world bare down on me and use every tool of the evil ones against me. I make no excuse for my cultures failings. We can and should do a lot better. But I cherish the good that it has done, and the sacrifices that have been made by those who passed on this heritage to me. God bless you all, in your own testimonies of these principles. And may we all show due reverence for this heritage, and teach our children to love it also.

    1. AB I appreciate your well written thoughts and I pretty much have felt the same as you about some of the secular messages coming from the leaders of the church more recently. I long for the days of hearing Pres. Hinkley making bold statements of truth that are missing today when it is desperately needed.

      I thought I was alone in my feelings about worldly messaging appearing in conference talks and struggling to just accept it without questioning why it is even being brought up.

      I almost feel cursed seeing the obvious lies and propaganda coming from the world today and wish Heavenly Father would come in and ‘fix’ everything. Of course, that never happens (and probably shouldn’t). I see this time in history as one where if the majority become wicked in the world (including the church and it’s members) either willingly or accidentally, there needs to be that pattern of destruction of the people, nations, or churches that we read about in the scriptures so that a stronger people, nation, or church can rise from the ashes.

      I wish it didn’t have to happen now since I have children and want them to have hope for a future without propaganda and control by corporate elites.

      I still hope for the best anyways.

    2. Wow A B you have been thinking about this for some time. Great comments thanks for that. I to think the church is missing the mark at the moment we are supposed to be in the world but not of the world. We are supposed to observe the world but not to drink in with there agenda or belief system. We could take any culture and expose all the negative things in that culture and claim that they are the problem with America or the world.

  3. I totally agree with every word in this episode … could not be said better. My kids ask me “how did you end up there? Without electricity? without gas? Without telephones? How come? I say -“because my ancestors wanted better; out of oppression; out of slavery of the peasanrs? We were there for YOU, to bring you better than we had. I’m proud of my heritage, their sacrifice. No one will “talk me down” on that…!! Thank you Defending Utah.. thank you, thank you .. you are courageous and articulate. Keep on, we r behind you all the way ….

    1. Thanks for your comments. Just curious, what episode are you talking about? Do you mean one of the video links in this article to a podcast where someone else spoke, or are you referring to this article, which was written by myself?

  4. It is up to God to decide what race we would be a part of. It is up to us to love our neighbour what ever the colour or attitude. For goodness sake, embrace all, as children of God and serve every person by inviting all to live the values of Christ.
    If those values is what is embraced then good. If not then that is good also. Stop playing with words and just love you neighbour, help all to rise above the ashes. We all will all be given a place to reside into the eternities where we will receive our prize.

  5. Dear A B,
    Thank you for your thoughtful comment. Right on! I remember when BYU simply represented the Judeo-Christian culture. But since 1963, when God was kicked out of public schools, we see the anti-biblical devilish doctrines that have been the tragic consequences of that unconstitutional act. The truth is, the Judeo-Christian culture transcends race. It always has.
    “And may we all show due reverence for this heritage, and teach our children to love it also.”
    Amen to that. For more than thirty years, I have been working to teach parents to transmit the Judeo-Christian culture to the rising generation. It’s a daunting battle, but we must not give up. God bless you in your efforts.

  6. You are correct, and your points are well made. Standing by our heritage and being proud of it is appropriate and justified. This approach is appropriate when dealing with normal, well-meaning people. Some people in the 1930’s thought Hitler could be reasoned with in a polite way. They were wrong, and then they were dead. The people promoting the destruction of the white race (or any race) are behind all of the evil in the world today. As you mentioned, they are aligned with Satan. Hitler’s Nazis (and others) have been planning the destruction of our society since Hitler’s defeat, and they are executing their plan very effectively. Every bad event happening today is a result of their plan. There are no coincidences. If we respond in a polite and civil way, we will be slaves in the very near future, and then we will be dead. War has been declared on us, in such a clever way, that we do not yet realize it. If we do not defeat this evil now, humanity will be lost.

  7. being anti-white and defending POC’s right to the wealth of White people and the infrastructure White people have created will have a lot of takers from the 3rd world…. there’s a big market and could grow the numbers under the gospel tent…showing the work of the Lord is growing and expanding. Leaders in the past have virtually sold their souls to increase the size of the flocks in numbers. Appearance of success is more satisfying than real success.

  8. AB, you’re the best. And NeoGeo’s praise of you was well said as were many other comments here. You give me hope of preservation of what has been built through the hard work, selflessness and decency of many. The reason we might win is because living according to the correct principles of what we used to call “western civilization” gives us power over falsehood and decadence. The reason we may lose is because there are not enough of us who hold to white culture and who celebrate it.

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