The WHO is Not Taking Over America; Foreign Treaties; Utah Elite Health Takeover

Note: Global Powers operate through local conspiracies. The article explains this point, it is not dismissing the problem, just pointing you to where you can do something about it. If you focus on the invading world powers, that are not actually coming, you will miss the local players in your own back yard, and therefore miss opportunities to do something about the situation. If you don’t read the full article, you will likely miss the points of the article.

So, you’ve heard the W.H.O. is going to take over the USA

Concerned about Joe Biden turning power over to the World Health Organization (WHO) at an upcoming world health conference (May 22 – 28, 2022)?

Does it feel like the ‘end game’ of tyranny is only a few days away?

Dozens of articles similar to the ones found in the WorldNetDaily and Need to Know News have been popping up everywhere. A review of these articles will show that all of them go back to this same source: an article by a doctor Peter Breggin MD titled “Biden Handing Over U.S. Sovereignty to WHO“.

What should you think about this?  Here’s some strong suggestions from Utah’s #1, long trusted spokesman on the constitution, Dr. Scott Bradley, Constitutional PhD:

“It’s all fake news”

“There is no legal authority anywhere, in this universe, that would say that the WHO can seize sovereignty over any other nation’s internal affairs”

“People we need to understand: this World Health Organization [issue] is absolutely a moot issue. It cannot affect us; not legally, not constitutionally, not in any way shape or form, unless we stupidly bow to it as a people that is ignorant of our God granted rights…  We’ve got to quit being so stupid as to fall for these things.  Yeah, call your congressman… but don’t believe it, even if they do all sign it… don’t fall for it…”

In this article we will discuss both the problems and the solutions, to help bring you to the same page as Dr. Bradley, and remove the illusion that you’re losing your power.

Clearly, he’s not saying there’s no story to learn about at all, or that something is not happening at the WHO….  but the interpretation of what it means has been extremely misleading.

While there is a legitimate concern of some kind, let’s help put at least some of this to rest, so you too can know that world organizations, such as the WHO (World Health Organization) have zero legal power over your life.

I hope reading this article will help you see more clearly, and put all this hype into context so that the actions you take as a result can be focused towards the most useful solutions. There are things you should not worry about and then there are things that maybe you should worry about which the media is distracting you from.

As we walk through this, step by step, you can gain confidence in reasoning out your own rights in your own mind, as Samuel Adams put it, when he worked to educate the early British colonists on their rights.

The Principle We All Need to Remember

The only entities that are authorized to write laws that might matter to you are the various legislative branches of government in the USA, and even those are only lawfully binding when legislation is within the limits of constitutions that the legislature is sworn to uphold.

Defending Utah taught this principle in detail after the #FakePandemic broke out in 2020, when parents were wondering if the schools had legal authority to force their children to wear masks. You can read all about that in one of our most popular articles here.

What the Constitution Says

What does the US constitution say about the federal government’s power to make deals/treaties with foreign institutions?

We find in Article VI, Clause 2, the following…

“This Constitution, … and all Treaties made, or which shall be made, under the Authority of the United States, shall be the supreme Law of the Land”

So anytime a treaty is made with with a foreign nation, that treaty is considered the supreme law only under the condition that the treaty was passed under the legitimate powers of the United States.  This means, if the treaty goes outside the legitimate power of the United States, then that treaty is not law. So if the federal government already cannot legally make health mandates that are lawful, then they have no authority to give that power to the WHO.

The Founding Fathers address those who would claim the treaty power grants the United States power to make any kind of treaty it wants (boundless) by firmly declaring this is false.

“I say the same as to the opinion of those who consider the grant of the treaty-making power as boundless. If it is, then we have no Constitution”
– Thomas Jefferson
(Letter to Wilson Carey Nicholas, Sep 7, 1803)


The Supreme Court Does the Right Thing in 1957

In 1957, in the case of Reid vs. Covert, the issue of international treaty making powers was reviewed by the Supreme Court. This is one of the cases where the decision they made was constitutionally sound with some very strong and clear words.

“It would be manifestly contrary to the objectives of the those who created the Constitution, as well as those who were responsible for the Bill of Rights – let alone alien to our entire constitutional history and tradition – to construe Article VI (treaty power) as permitting the United States to exercise power under an international agreement without observing constitutional prohibitions.”

Existing Treaties on National Sovereignty

On 24 October 1648, the Treaty of Westphalia was signed, marking the end of the Thirty Years’ War, which ended the Roman Catholic church’s attempt to become a world political power again.

This treaty left the world with the tradition of “Westphalian Sovereignty”– or more simply put “State Sovereignty”.

Wikipedia explains:

Westphalian sovereignty, or state sovereignty, is a principle in international law that each state has exclusive sovereignty over its territory. The principle underlies the modern international system of sovereign states and is enshrined in the United Nations Charter.”

So while we don’t have any love for the United Nations charter, the communists who created the UN clearly knew they couldn’t get away with ignoring this long tradition that governs the culture of international relations.

“nothing … shall authorize the United Nations to intervene in matters which are essentially within the domestic jurisdiction of any state.”
– UN Charter

Despite this admission that they cannot control the internal affairs of any nation, the United Nations is evil by design. They contradict themselves in another section of the charter, so they can justify when they ignore their own rules.

“Rights and freedoms may in no case be exercised contrary to the purposes and principles of the United Nations.”
– UN Charter

As the UN charter is of no lawful effect in the US anyway, this is another moot point (as Dr. Bradley called the WHO issue we’re discussing).

The Power of Nullification Culture

More Americans today understand the difference between legislative authority and executive authority, because of what happened in 2020.

Remember the Mandates:

–Health mandates came from the executive branch.
—-Only the legislative branch can write law.
——Therefore, mandates are not law.

The “mandates” of the #FakePandemic all across the country weakened, or sometimes completely fell apart, when we-the-people in greater numbers started repeating “Mandates are not laws“.

Various articles from Defending Utah, and other truly constitutional media outlets, worked hard to teach the people this truth at a time when they were hungry for this knowledge.

The end result was that you could hear and see this same message all over the state and country:

This demonstrates, that the illusion of law falls apart when people know their rights. “Pretend Legislation” creates the illusion of law, not actual law.  Education (knowledge) and Nullification (action) kills this illusion.

That’s exactly what Dr. Bradley means when he says this only has power over our lives if we’re “so stupid as to fall for these things“.

Remember the Mandates Again (Apply to the WHO):

–Health mandates come from the WHO.
—-Only the legislative branch can write law, WHO has no authority in the US.
——Therefore, WHO mandates are not law.

This ‘WHO scare’ can also fall apart when similar common knowledge is spread– that “The WHO cannot make law“.

As it is critical for you and I to be well educated on exactly *why* they cannot make law, make sure you are your own expert on the constitutional principles explained in this article and the embedded videos.

Review the Problem, Apply What We’ve Learned

As the primary source, let’s review five key claims from the blog post by doctor Peter Breggin, MD.

Item #1 – World Health Organization’s governing legislative body, the World Health Assembly (WHA)
Q: Where is this legislative body in the US constitution?
A: Nowhere
Q: What’s the jurisdiction of their legislation? The whole world?
A: It’s definitely not over you and me, as private US citizens

Item #2 – for emergencies against the opposition of the target nation
Q: Is it really possible for a target nation to be forced to go along?
A: Federal tyranny always requires state cooperation, just like global tyranny always requires national cooperation
A: All nations of the world are sovereign. The US Constitution claims this, existing international treaties recognize this, and the United Nations even admits this in their charter.
[From section: Existing treaties on national sovereignty]

Item #3 – Compromise US independence and sovereignty
Q: Will is really compromise US independence?
A: Not in any legal way. Only if we choose to believe in it.
[From section: The power of nullification culture]

Item #4 – Binding Instrument of International Law
Q: Is there anything that makes this binding on the USA?
A: There is no constitutional provision for US treaties to surrender our rights to foreign powers under any circumstances.
[From section: What the constitution says]

Item #5 – WHO has no more restrictions (shackles) from controlling the United States
Q: Are all restrictions really removed making us Americans ‘sittings ducks’ to their decisions?
A: No. All the limitations of the US Constitution still exist.
[From section: What the constitution says]

Will Utah Go Along With This?

If I’ve done a good job in this article, it should be beyond clear by now that there is no legal mechanism for the WHO to control Utah.  Therefore, there is zero danger that something will be legally forced upon Utah.

That said, nothing will stop the local Utah elite from voluntarily going along with the next WHO fake pandemic. But the first thing we must take away from them is their excuse that the laws are forcing them to do it. Their ability to hide behind the excuse of “The government is making me do it” is a critical tool that they need to get away with tyranny. Let any company or organization in Utah that goes along with this tyranny in the future be out in the open as a willing participant in the agenda.

So who are the “Utah Elite” ?  The big picture is addressed in our presentation on Utah’s Secret Combinations and in our book on Amazon by the same title. In 2020, a lot of them exposed themselves by asking the government to regulate business for the alleged benefit of business. But as far as the next collaboration with the WHO for another #FakePandemic adventure, there’s a more specific answer.

Say hello to the newly formed One Utah Health Collaborative. Read follow up details on the “State of Reform” website.

Key Players (Organizing committee and others):
Spencer Cox (Governor of Utah
Greg Bell (President, Utah Hospital Association)
Rich Saunders (Chief Innovation Officer, State of Utah – Former Dir of Utah Dept. of Health)
Ryan Morley (SpringTide Ventures)
Scott Barlow (CEO, Revere Health)
Marc Bennett (CEO, Comagine)
Amanda Covington (Corporate Affairs, Larry H. Miller Group)
RyLee Curtis (Dir of Community Engagement, U of Utah Health)
Sebastian de Freitas (Multicultural Relations, Select Health)
Michelle Hofmann, MD (Deputy Dir, Utah Dept of Health)
Chet Loftis (Managing Dir, PEHP Health and Benefits)
Betty Sawyer (Community Engagement, Project Success Coalition)
Oreta Tupola (Utah Public Health Association)
Sarah Woolsey, MD (Chief Medical Officer, Association for Utah Community Health)
Natalie Gochnour (Kem C Gardner Policy Institute)
Chris Clomp (Collective Medical)
Rich McKeon (Leavitt Partners)
Shannon Phillips, MD (Intermountain Medical Group)
Greg Poulsen (Intermountain Healthcare)
Steward Health
University of Utah
HMA / Leavitt Partners
Intermountain Health Care
Utah Hospital Association

Greg Bell admits what this is all about by claiming: it’s not about what it’s really about.

“This is community owned… it is not like some cabal or some group of insiders is making decisions”
Greg Bell, April 19th, 2022, 6:18PM as witnessed on Zoom Webinar

Bringing it All Together Now

So we have shown the WHO has no legal power in Utah, but yet these local insiders are making plans to do big, new things. Here’s a comparison of how power and influence flows:

1. How Power is set up to work from a constitutional perspective.

2. How the elite *WISH* power was set up, in the traditional top down “total control” communist flow.

3. How the elite circumvent the constitution, and create the illusion of law, through the culture.
(This can happen through “mandates”, or court rulings, or administrative rules, etc. or even just a rumored belief from movies and TV, none of which are law, but the media can sell it like it is)

This latest Defending Utah video explains how people fall for the illusion of law, leveraging the media and the participation of the public/private elite to control the culture.

The above video is available on Rumble or Bitchute.

Solutions Being Proposed

1. Dr. Bradley’s comment sums up all the solutions very well, when he says:

Yeah, call your congressman… but don’t believe it even if they do all sign it… don’t fall for it…

2. The “call your congressman solution” can be found all over the web, with campaigns from Take Action for Freedom, the John Birch Society and others. These solutions do not get to the root of the problem, but they do serve to rally the community and create awareness, which Defending Utah supports as a critical foundation for long term solutions.

3. More creative solutions, based on community nullification efforts, is presented by the local grassroots initiative, the Health Independence Alliance. They have put together a presentation walking you through the history of the elite’s One Utah Health Collaborative initiative and their proposed solutions, such as the React19 initiative.

4. In the end, the “don’t fall for it” solution is a culture of nullification, where the people can reason out their own rights at all times, so no new ideas of tyranny can take hold regardless of what excuses are invented. That is our long term permanent solution. It’s the spirit of why Benjamin Franklin said we have “A republic, if we can keep it.”

5. “Pretend Legislation” creates the illusion of law, not actual law.  Education (knowledge) and Nullification (action) kills this illusion.
Join Defending Utah and enhance your own existing path to become educated to reason out your rights, and then help us teach more people and create more content that awakens and enlightens others.

6. Pay attention yourself to what the insiders at the One Utah Health Collaborative are doing here, and create your own content and speak your truth:


Dr. Scott Bradley, PhD (Constitutional Doctorate)


Need to Know News

Biden Handing Over U.S. Sovereignty to WHO

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Robert Brown, John Birch Society

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One Utah Health Collaborative

State of Reform


15 Responses

  1. Words have meaning. When one uses words incorrectly, one comes across like Dogberry from Shakespeare’s Much Ado about Nothing.

    “…this World Health Organization [issue] is absolutely a mute issue.”

    mute \ˈmyüt\: unable to form coherent speech, unable to speak, quiet

    moot \ˈmüt\: not relevant, open to debate

    I think Mr. Bradley meant “moot,” but when he says “mute,” it gives it a whole different meaning that is rather obvious. No issue speaks, ever.

  2. All of what is stated in the article is true, but we have already seen the people ceding their rights. Mandates may not be legal, but if people subject themselves to mandates and attempt to impose these mandates on others, legal or illegal, the mandates have the effect of law.

    I ignored the mask mandates in stores, church, etc. but rarely, in months and months of the mandates being in place in NV did I see anyone, and I mean anyone, doing the same. NEVER in church and rarely in stores.

    Thanks for exposing the mandates as illegal, but I am afraid we live in an American society that has no stomach for civil disobedience. I hope I am wrong, but I am afraid the people of this nation no longer have the will and the character to oppose tyranny.

    One thing for sure, the LDS Church and most its acolytes are worthless when it comes to opposing tyranny. Just listen to Dallin Oaks.

    1. Excellent points Mark! During the COVID Fraud of the recent past, I lost a good job due to the FRAUD, and we made the 70 mile trip from here in North Ogden, to Idaho where the COVID bug didn’t exist to buy all our groceries and Christmas gifts and so on. We spent about $3000 in Idaho instead of stores in Utah. I Never Cowered like a DOG and wore the Mask of Satan like Nelson did at his Mega Church, and I put up yard signs in my front yard, painted in blood red paint, saying that COVID is a FRAUD! Just so that all the Cowardly Mormons going to church up the street could see them every Sunday. I made T-shirts that said the same thing that I could wear in public and though almost nobody would buck the system, several people even at Walmart said to me; (Ya we know its a fraud, but we’ve gotta keep our job). Americans today are Not the Amer-I-Cans of yesteryear. You know, My Grandfather, Parley P. Pratt Jr., Walked all across France and into Germany, Froze in Bastogne, Was blown out of his foxhole by an 88, Won lots of medals and killed many Germans and took many prisoners, and returned home with a German tripod Machine gun and a Swastika off Hitlers private train car, and I believe that my grandfather as well as Millions of others throughout our history would spit in disgust at the Gutless wonders that call themselves Americans today!!! Col. Bo Gritz once said; That the Constitution must Live in the Hearts of the people. I don’t believe I’ll ever see the “Elders of Israel” EVER stand up to anything. They’ll whine about their Toilet paper before they’ll save anything else.

    2. You’re right about the LDS Church. They praise and donate to the satanic Gadiantons, urge obedience to them, and promote and push their lies in general conferences and Deseret News etc. Constantly. No interest in truth and liberty when it comes to Covid and many other total lies from the Satan-worshiping Gadiantons.

      No idea what we’re supposed to do if the Church works with the Gadiantons to promote pseudo-science and destruction of liberty worldwide, and hands millions in tithing money to their depopulation and liberty-wrecking schemes.

      I’ll be shocked if the Church anytime soon opposes the Great Reset and its extremely wicked goals of no private property (that includes the Church’s property), depopulation (they aim to kill over 7 billion people), destruction of families and governments raising children, a one world religion, etc, etc.

  3. I am disappointed to say that I agree with Mark Dodds’s comment on this subject. Under the Covid policy tyranny, the people of the United States seem to adhere more to the rule of the medical elite, or to political correctness that the rule of law, i.e. the Constitution, and there has been precious little pushback from religious or political leaders from my point of view. I would rather try to cut this off at the pass than try to recover our liberties.

  4. Notwithstanding this entire article, the US Constitution, Article VI, paragraph 2 includes the following:

    “all Treaties made, or which shall be made, under the Authority of the United States, shall be the supreme Law of the Land; and the Judges in every State shall be bound thereby, any Thing in the Constitution or Laws of any State to the Contrary notwithstanding.”

    There are two dangers: 1) That the US Senate legally ratifies a treaty giving the WHO authority over US Citizens, thus making lawbreakers of those who resist such authority, and 2) that the Federal or State governments will implement the terms of such a treaty, even thought it is not ratified. Under the second scenario, resistance to WHO authority would be legal, but from a practical perspective, would likely be punished by lawless government agencies.

    Danger #1 is real. This is why so-called “international law” is snuck in under the guise of a “treaty.” Treaties were historically about the security of nations. Now they are a favorite vehicle for achieving global governance and power over the US (think Global Warming treaties).

    1. This question is addressed in the article, please watch the embedded video with speaker Robert Brown. The treaty power does not give this authority to the president.

  5. Enoch, I re-read this, from your article: “if the federal government already cannot legally make health mandates that are lawful, then they have no authority to give that power to the WHO.” This is the big IF. Everything hinges on this question: Does the Federal Government have the authority to make health mandates? Of course, citing the Constitution (“enumerated powers”), I would say no, but there are those who argue that the answer is yes (“interstate commerce” is pretty handy for wresting the Constitution).

      1. The commerce clause has for decades been the go to excuse to expand the reach of the federal gov’t. I remember in law school hoping the the sainted Rex E Lee might have something to say about the commerce clause and its being used to essentially repeal the effect of the 10th amendment, but the last thing the BYU law school wanted then was to be in the least bit outside the norm of the elite law schools, the approval of which BYU law continues to clamor.

        It has only gotten ten times worse since then. I wish I had saved the email I received from the law school dean in the wake of the george floyd death, wringing his hands and clutching his pearls over how we are a bunch of racists and all the actions he was going to take to root out this evil among us.. Then in general conference following that, you may recall that Rusty looked straight at us through the camera and essentially said the same thing, then proceeded to give millions to the NAACP. Reparations anyone?

  6. Mandates are Not Laws for sure, however when the powers that be, (Including the MEGA Churches), all point their Economic and Social guns at you and say “You Must” close down your store, YOU MUST wear the mask of Satan and cower like a DOG like we do, YOU MUST take poison to have a job like they do RIGHT NOW IN UTAH, then They DO have all the LAWS they need to make you DO anything they want you to do. Right now in Utah you can’t get a job at a nursing home or care center and many other places without taking the poison and or Cowering like a DOG and wearing the Mask of Satan like Nelson, (The modern day Judas), demonstrated from the pulpit of his MEGA Church. The point Mr. Bradley, is that you can wave your copy of The Constitution all you want at the tanks at they run you down, but it will never stop them! Remember what George Bush said of the Constitution: “It’s just a piece of paper!” These people Mean Business! Fauci (The Angel of Death), and his bosses are going to keep on coming with Endless lock-downs and Man made Diseases, and Man made Droughts, and Man made Blackouts, and Man made Storms until everyone of us takes the Mark of Satan! The death of Humanity is what they desire, by any means necessary! And the United States is the Last and Only major country that stands in their way. And You Can NEVER stop them with Votes, you might delay them, but you can’t stop them with Votes, because THEY count the votes.

    1. South Dakota and a few other states are booming right now, because they refuse to play along with these tyrannical mandates. for those with trouble finding employment, the answer is not capitulating or allowing the death shot to be put in their bodies, but the great American tradition of picking up roots and moving to places more suited to their livelihood is the answer. in doing so, sacrifices must be made, but in the tradition of our fathers, we will find new opportunities and blessings as we seek out liberty in communities with like-minded folks who also value truth and morality.

      1. I like SD; reminds me a lot of southern Idaho where I lived the first 18 years of my life. With Zoom, etc., many of us can live nearly anywhere.

  7. The problem with saying “They can’t do this because it violates the Constitution” is that the government does things all the time that blatantly violate the Constitution. As Lysander Spooner said, the Constitution is unfit to exist – because it’s either (1) authorized our current tyrannical government, or (2) been unable to prevent it.

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