Utah Principal Targets Children, Change Genders, Don’t Tell Parents

It continues to be proven that parental rights is the last thing the public school system respects, from little things up to the very biggest things.


A local principal in West Jordan, Utah (Dixie Rae Garrison) has been allegedly caught teaching “the adults” at her school, to be part of a conspiracy against the parents of the children at the school.

The content was leaked from a meeting that was reported to have come from the US Dept of Education

The leaked discussion paints a dark picture coming from the vision of this Utah principal, that feels a lot more like pedophile grooming than educating.  Here’s the highlights, followed by the source video and key quotes.

– You, as a parent, are a threat to your young child if you’re not supportive of their gender identity, and the school must protect the child from that threat.
– You, as a parent, must not hear the secrets the teachers discuss with your child, to protect the “privacy” of your child.
– The teachers will lead the way with these discussions with your kids. (planting the ideas in the first place?)
– All the adults at the school must work together. Every adult in the school could know about your child wanting to switch genders, coordinating together to support them, while intentionally never telling the parent.  This is a conspiracy against you as a parent while they take control of your child’s emotions at this young, easily manipulable age.

If your child attends West Jordan Middle School, will you one day wake up and find your child is not the same child (emotionally? physically?) that you’ve been raising.





Planting ideas in your children

“Have the conversation about their preferred name or pronouns”
“Gather as much information as you can from the student”
– Principal Dixie Rae Garrison

Guide your children to take action on these planted ideas

“Aid them in coming up with a transition plan”
– Principal Dixie Rae Garrison

False privacy claim – Don’t tell the parents

“[some students] want to maintain privacy”
“There may be families that are not supportive to the student’s gender identity or transition , and we as schools, we don’t out students”
“that’s very important to protect the student’s privacy”
– Principal Dixie Rae Garrison

Coordinating (conspiring) against the parents, under false “safety”

“The principal’s primary responsibility, is to create and sustain an environment where every student feels safe”
“I believe our trans and non binary students need the genuine care and protection from their school principals”
“part of feeling safe at school, is being known by the adults, including the school principal”
– Principal Dixie Rae Garrison

This is not only a recent thing

“I head up a group of administrators who identify as LGBTQ+”
“We’ve been discussing these issues for years”
– Principal Dixie Rae Garrison



Dixie Rae Garrison is a middle school principal in West Jordan, and a Co-Facilitator for

She has been with Jordan School District for nearly 23 years. Maybe this should be her last year?

In our anti-family public school system, this is the kind of person who gets named “Principal of the year“.

In a world where #FakePandemics rule our lives, this is the kind of person who makes sure your children play along in their state of fear of not-real threats..


Defending Utah heard from an elected official who confidentially shared their experience with us in investigating this matter as follows

“I reached out to the Superintendent of Jordan School District and asked him if the district has a gender guidance policy or protocol in place to deal with these situations. I specifically referenced this training video with the principal at West Jordan Middle school. He responded that they don’t have a policy, but deal with each situation on an individual basis. He did not respond to the training video at all. I got the distinct feeling that JSD has made an intentional decision NOT to create a policy around this issue. Most likely because if there is a policy in place they can be held accountable for their actions or their inaction in this area. Also, writing a policy would draw fire from one side or the other within the community so they avoid writing a policy to avoid dealing with the controversy all together. I believe its their way of trying to lay low and not draw attention.”


In her 23 years of experience, I wonder how many times she’s kept secrets from a parent, or participated in this grooming behavior.

What do you think of this unwritten, but still implemented. policy of excluding parents from the lives of their children on such an important issue?

Feel free to let her or her superiors know.

Also, Contact Jordan School District Board members & Contact Superintendent, Anthony Godfrey, as well as State Board members (board@schools.utah.gov)







Original video on “lifeisdriving” channel:




9 Responses

  1. Unbelievable. This woman and her entire secretive staff should be ousted. Parents MUST be more involved. The days of trusting public schools are long since over. An interesting side note is that Brigham Young was very much against public schooling. The other denominations that came into Utah pushed public schools as a way to lessen the influence of church and family.

    1. Church leaders were against public schooling much more recently than that. I’ve seen quotes by Benson and Packer against sending kids to government schools. Calling them spiritually dangerous. Sad that current leaders don’t have the spine for making such truthful statements but tend to praise and urge obedience to the Gadiantons instead.

  2. Think of the damage she has done in the last 23 years… Kids today almost dont stand a chance, ESPECIALLY if they are in the public indoctrination centers called government schools!

    1. Government “schools” are basically centers for psychologically abusing children with lies, destruction of critical thinking skills, and introducing them to wickedness.

  3. Whoa! THANK YOU! I raised my children there & thankfully home schooled them! But I saw this happen to neighbor children. No wonder Utah has such an extremely high rate of young girls going through sex change surgery to become boys – a 10,000% increase over a recent five year period is unconscionable! As long as I have warned of this coming I cannot believe I am witnessing it happening right before me!

    This is something that as an author of a 500 page book on antidepressants & an [expert court witness in antidepressant induced damage, crimes, & wrongful death cases over the last 30+ years I have been warning about because these drugs are directly involved in this very issue you have addressed here. Antidepressants can change one’s gender & cause gender dysphoria. I have been warning of this since 1990. And in the year 2000 there were 2000 scientists worldwide who came together to warn as well. They stated we have a new “canary in the coal mine” type of warning with fish. This is due to the fact that female fish being exposed to Prozac in the water supply during pregnancy were giving birth to male offspring being born with ovaries! That news shocked even me!

    Yet the whole world seemed to turn a blind eye to that warning as pregnant women were continually assured it was safe for them to take these drugs during pregnancy! Knowing Jeffrey Dahmer’s mother took 23 pills daily of a combo of antidepressants & anti-seizure meds throughout her pregnancy with him should send shock waves through mothers around the world!!!

    One last piece of info you should have is that I had a whistle blower let me know, since I lived in the West Jordan School District, that the school district there in 1992 had paid out $1.2 million to teachers for Prozac prescriptions! Chemically induce the gender changes first in the teachers & watch them pass it on to the students?!

  4. Thank you so much for this story, this stuff is so evil and needs to be addressed by all within the community. We have been homeschooling our children from kindergarten and they have never gone to public school. My wife was a formal school teacher in West Jordan, we decided to home school largely because of the garbage that was happening in schools clear back in 2008. Even thou we home school our children will grow up in a world where they will have to deal with all the other children that where force feed this garbage. So you better believe we have “skin in the game”.

    We fight this stuff so our children and grandchildren can have a better place to live. We fight this garbage so that children don’t become pawns in some political game. We fight this because we believe that Satan is behind it all, and everything he touches he destroys.

  5. Even more proof on a gigantic mountain of proof that government-run schools are evil and should be avoided as much as possible. HOMESCHOOL YOUR KIDS. IF YOU “CAN’T” THEN FIGURE IT OUT!

  6. Dixie Garrison is one of satans minions who has infiltrated our education system. One pillar of The Communist Manifesto is “control education”. Communism began infiltrating our education prior to the 1940’s with the Dewey System.

    Some would say that satan is winning the control of our youth. It is critical that parents take a more active role in the education of their children. Charter schools are not exempt from satans influence.

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