RAW UNFILTERED: Screaming Roe-V-Wade Utah Protestors

Exclusive footage, obtained by Defending Utah of screaming protestors at the Utah state capitol in Salt Lake City on June 24th, 2022

Explicit language in the crowd from young protestors

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5 Responses

  1. Now imagine if it were a mob of men, called by criminal national leaders to a night of violence in retribution for the law being reestablished (in part), screaming and cussing, advocating for violence against innocent babies, laughing like demons and boasting about murdering babies, holding signs advocating for violence, acting violence in demeanor and verbally abusive, surrounding a lone woman, harassing her, threatening her… especially if they were conservatives and she a “liberal”… would the police still just stand there and watch? Are “liberal” women above the law?

    1. Glad you described the video enough so I didn’t have to be subjected to it idiocracy… sorry you had to..

      Anyway, yeah really… only the rejects of society are allowed to “protest”… the stupid thing is, the only thing that changed with the R v W is the Fed Gov has to turn it back over to the state government, where it belonged!!

      We are surrounded by idiots

      1. I played a little more into it than I actually heard, so much yelling and all. But I know the types. In fact, I called an abortion clinic in SLC just before the trigger law enacted. I asked if they were still performing abortions and they said they were and expressed some very ugly opinion about the SCOTUS ruling, including suggesting they wont stop until authorities force them. After which, I asked her if she was happy with her life and proud of helping to kill babies. She laughed and gloated like a demon saying she loves it. I’ve seen the same thing over and over by these baby sacrificing culties. They are sick, mentally and spiritually. They are truly the enemies of God and man alike. I hope our RINO governor will at least enforce the ban and prosecute those who refuse to obey it.

        But on a good note, there are a number of other states who are standing up against abortion, and as we relearn how to reassert our principles and values and defend them, this movement may just be on the edge of all it can accomplish.

  2. So when you support Satan’s various eugenics programs for his fascist Gadianton band that seeks to take over the world completely, do you become possessed by evil spirits? Just wondering if that’s what we’re seeing with the lunatics in the video.

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