If you haven’t yet read Defending Utah’s original event announcement here, Red Pill Expo Coming to Utah! RedPillExpoUtah.com.

G. Edward Griffin
This is a quick reminder from liberty/conspiracy guru G. Edward Griffin


Red Pill Expo Starts Nov 12.
Ticket Prices scheduled to go up later today some time, tomorrow at the latest.

Supporters of Defending Utah use coupon code DEFENDINGU for an extra discount

Red Pill Expo number Nine starts is just two weeks (on November 12) and the clock is running fast. Early-Bird ticket prices end on October 31, so now is the time to act. In person or by livestream, you will not want to miss this illusion-dispelling event.

The first image below is a great piece of caricature art by cartoonist Ben Garrison. It shows the presenters and sets the positive mood that is characteristic of all the Expos. There is a larger version on the website: www.redpillexpoutah.com.

Below the image below is a short, snappy video to arouse your curiosity about the topics to be covered. By the way, the alien you will see is there just for impact. There will be no aliens at the Expo. But you will be stunned, nonetheless, by what you learn. So click on the video and enjoy. See you there.

Click here to go to the website, to see what topics will be presented, and to obtain tickets for attendance or livestream.

Remember. Early-Bird prices end very soon.

G. Edward Griffin





4 Responses

  1. To see the true effects of the COVID19 Vax.

    Sign up on telegram.

    Go to Covid BC.

    There you will see daily severe effects of the jab that the LDS Church is so fond of!

  2. Will a video be made available of the Red Pill messages and the upcoming Shadow Government coverage? Or printed material for purchase?

    Your April 2021 Utah Secret Societies video is most informative and educational. I look forward to receiving the new book, 2022 edition.

    With my wife’s “vascular dementia” and our age, over 86, it limits certain activities.

    You provide a valuable service that is critical in what is occurring in our country and state. Satan is rampant in governments, education and religion.

    From my study, HR 8404 and S 4556, are satans instruments.

    Prior to joining The Church of Jesus Christ of LDS in 1967, a friend and I had started a conservative speakers bureau in Houston, Texas. We had speakers every two months. One of our speakers, Herb Phibric, former FBI, suggested we invite “Ezra Taft Benson a staunch pro American and Constitutionalist in the Mormon Church”. It so happened that my wife and I with family were investigating the The Church at this time. Short version, President Benson asked that I contact his son, Reed, as he was ” booked” for 4 months on church assignments. Reed came and spoke and President Benson followed in 6 or 7 months. President Benson suggested that “we contact Cleon Skousen, former SLC Police Chief” as a speaker. I did and Brother Skousen came and spoke.

    I was blessed to be instructed by President Kimball and President Benson in church leadership meetings in Houston.

    Thank you for your timely service.

    Marvin Schiller
    Roy, Utah

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