Shadow Government: Regionalism and High Density Housing (12/15/22)

Shadow Government high density housing

This event happened in the past, please see this article for a recording of the event.


It’s time to push back harder against Agenda 2030 and high density housing! Attend this event to learn how. Understand the problem like you never have before and catch the vision of solutions to tyranny.


Exposing and clearly identifying a shadow governmental system that controls much of Utah and America to this very day!

Are you tired of your activism efforts feeling like they’re getting nowhere?  Have you supported plenty of campaigns but still wonder why little-to-nothing gets better in the big picture?

Did you know that today there are two separate systems of government in America? Our federal system plus another shadow government system that’s not even hiding, it just exists in plain sight. The tyranny of this shadow system is unopposed simply because of ignorance.

Take the next step beyond learning about secret combinations and learn about the bureaucracy where you still have the power to push back against it, if you only knew that it existed.

If there’s any hope for restoring the true principles of Republicanism and free-government in Utah, then how we’ve lost our system to a shadow government must become widespread common knowledge.

We’ll also help you make more sense of why ugly high-density housing is appearing everywhere, and what this has to do with the shadow government that you’ll learn about.

And like we always try to do, we’ll start the discussion on solutions, which will have follow up presentations in the coming months.

If you’re new to Defending Utah, make sure you’re caught up on the foundation of Secret Combinations, (this book or this video can catch you up to speed on different pieces of it) then pick up your ticket for this event, or a limited number of discounted books are available if you purchase an in-person ticket.

This event will be both online and in person.

In-person seating is limited.


Event Date: Thursday Dec 15th, 2022

Early Bird Price: $3
Standard Price: $5
Online Zoom Link: $5
Online Option:
Zoom Link to be emailed day of event
In-person Option:

Food Storage Depot’s TV Studio
10366 South Redwood Rd, Unit A
South Jordan, UT 84095

Zoom links will be emailed out on the day of the event.


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5 Responses

  1. Should be a great Event! I have long tried to help people understand these peoples and entities that seek to overthrow our just government, so I am pleased to hear others doing the same.

    There are many facets to the ‘shadow government’ that has gotten us to where we stand today. But to see this hazy foe, we must understand who they are and what they’re after, or the kinds of methods they employ.

    Obviously. one of their efforts is gaining control over key power positions, like the supreme court, which happened quite early in American history. And none of their efforts would have succeeded without moving America closer to the old world’s many other oppressive systems. Because the purpose of the shadow government is to make an openly oppressive government the supreme power, such as was with old England’s corrupt courts, brutal police, oppressive aristocracy and unprincipled royalty.

    The Founder’s constitution didn’t provide authorization or justification for the organization of police departments. Yes, we are used to it today, but the founders knew the dangers of police because they had recently escaped the abuses by police organizations over in England and Europe. How the courts, the judges, the police all worked to imprison hard working, honest people for gain and control, letting off criminals for bribes or favors for the ruling class. Debtors prison, false arrests, false charges, false convictions, overly harsh and unjust rulings, often used to cause others pain and suffering while stealing from them. Police often used their powers to bully, to steal, to rape, to kill, and acted as the strong men for the establishment.

    The founders specifically meant for us to police ourselves using citizen militias and localized community protective measures; not the least of which is proper education to defeat ignorance–a leading cause of crime. A republican form of government meant we govern ourselves, not be ruled over by elites who control everything while normal folks just accept whatever they prescribe for us.

    And that brings us to another system the ‘shadow government’ has long used to gain power over us. This system is also an old world system of oppression. It’s called the Corporation. And there was a time in early America when Corporations were exceedingly limited and controlled for this very reason.

    Why? Because, like police, the founders and early American immigrants knew all too well the horrors that old world Corporations brought upon the people. Those horrors are being repeated today, and are getting worse all the time. Think Disney, Amazon, Twitter, or the private prison practice of slavery of prisoners.

    Fascism isn’t a new concept, and wasn’t invented by Hitler, for sure. Indeed, many old England corporations were fascist. Now you may debate on what fascist means, and confusion can arise when using simple names to describe a wide array of differing entities. Like the, perhaps, misnomer ‘shadow government’, one can be confused by this title. ‘Shadow government’ suggests that there is part of government that is behind all of this. But we all know that these secret combinations include many, both inside and outside the government, including in Corporations, to accomplish this evil against us, together.

    But let’s say in this context, that old world fascist corps are those that usurped governmental-type powers over the people, had more rights and powers than the people, and oppressed and robbed the people and harmed the society and communities they wielded power over. Who could imprison regular citizenry for any reason without just cause and steal from employee and customer alike… if you can call children slaves “employees.”

    When you understand something of history, and where we came from, it becomes painfully obvious how that these base-minded cretins who love obsequiousness and abuse of power are really not that bright at all. They work by a very old play book, recycling the same drab tricks the devil has spread among men for a very long time. But feeling sorry for these pathetic minds and wicked hands is not warranted, because as base and simple and crass as they are, their efforts are wholly damaging to all peoples & all societies that value life and the prosperity and progress of the human being, both individually and collectively. And one of the surest ways to become defeated, enslaved and oppressed by your enemies is to feel sorry for them and tolerate them in your midst.

    These people are the remnant of the king-men, the remnant of the Hitler worshipers, the communism appealers, and they who are like minded. They are obsequious, as king-men are toward their king and aristocracy. They love the tiered system because they want to be on the top of that system. They want to overthrow America’s liberties and principles of respect for life, the individual, and the peace-loving opportunity to better ourselves and our race because these are abhorrent to them.

    They love oppression, wielding control and dominion over others. They love to decide the fates of others, and to prescribe ruination to those they hate. They love to set themselves up as lords and kings and dukes, and heads of corporations, and so on. They put ‘love’ of power, of self, of oppression, and control over true love, freedom, honesty, giving of self to help and betters others. And most of all, they hate the betterment of self, because they are lazy, greedy souls who want nothing less than to better themselves. Because they do not better themselves, they hate themselves. And because they hate themselves, they hate you and me, and anyone or anything that seeks good and the betterment of the human condition.

  2. Few things have been more destructive to the republican principles of self-government than the old world principle of mass incorporation of America, American States, American cities & communities, and other American organizations and businesses; from which, many more evils spring.

    Corporations disenfranchise personal liberty and usurp power and control over the people, rather than serve them. Though the image you are sold is the latter. It has always been this way. Natural Rights are the enemy of Corporations, and why Corporations hate them and deconstruct them at all opportunity, absorbing the people’s rights as their own, as though they were persons.

    They are more than a word, learn the history of Corporations and what their works have been. By their works you will know them.

    A couple links to begin your personal research:

    1. We’ve published much on that subject. In fact we’ve pretty much worn the subject out. This is going beyond the secret societies to now discuss the practical bureaucracy of the shadow government.

  3. The high density housing everywhere built up more and more for years now is super creepy. All part of the WEF one world fascism plan where everyone has to rent.

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