Breakdown of Cox’s Digital Prison Being Built for You


Defending Utah first reported in 2013 on the upcoming smart city, surveillance nightmare in this report.

Fast forward to 2023, We ARE The People hosted Utah Freedom Coalition – this is your updated breakdown of the new DIGITAL PRISON being built for you in the name of preserving wilderness.

A follow up was done that digs into the surveillance and how that is going up outside of 15 minute cities. Watch here.

Want to discuss solutions, and what to do about it?

On Feb 2nd, 2023 we will finish the discussion on solutions and “What to do about it”, make your reservation here for this in-person only event.


3 Responses

  1. I just noticed FALSE DOCTRINE…. Our Founding Fathers did NOT guarantee “JURY TRIAL”. They listed “Trial by Jury” to be guaranteed. There are HUGE DIFFERENCES.

    JURY TRIAL: All caps because that is what the corporation wants us to want. They can pick the jury members, stack the jury against us, the judge becomes an unconstitutional dictator, even telling the jury how to vote, etc., and you have no say about loosing your case, no matter how just and right you are. Accepting jury trial also lets them know you do not know the Constitution or law, and can be walked on.

    Trial by Jury: You have the Right to pick your own jury members and can do so from a list of your peers (yes, even personal friends who know you, even from a list of American state nationals). The judge is bound to being a referee, not a dictator, and his sole responsibility is to make sure NOBODY’S Rights get violated. You own the court, not the judge, and he/she does not have the right to dictate to the jury how to vote or decide the case. Common Law prevails.

    Demanding “trial by jury” is part of why my last battle was won. The criminals do not want us to know about this. They especially do NOT want a bunch of American stat nationals in the courtroom/jury who know the law and what is going on. It was absolutely funny to look back at the prosecutor and see his head hung low with a highly disgusted look on his face!!! He sent a letter, trying to trick me into trial-jury a few days later. I wrote a letter back, stating it was already planned for “trial by jury”. “What is “trial-jury”? More “LEGALESE?” (He did not know that I am writing a book: “EXPOSING the LEGAL LIES of LEGALESE”) Trial – Jury is not the same as “Trial by Jury. One must be highly alert to the snaky tricks. Most of them are “PUBLIC SERPENTS”. He gave me a “Letter of Dismissal” a few days later. I was told he now has to pay all the court costs for loosing the case. The main point is: they do not want the courtroom filled with people who know the law, and then exposing their Satanic crimes to others, so they will do every trick in the book to keep us from diligently demanding and following the Constitution. Do not settle for “jury trial. You will lose.

  2. I see a couple typos. American “state” national, and I left a period off. There are supposed to be 4 paragraphs to separate and make it more easily comprehended. An “Appeal” can be raised in the outcome of jury trial, but the chances of winning there are about as slim and not worth my time. Following the Constitution is a much better route, even better if one demands the “Organic Constitution. The corporate constitution of 1871 was brought on via fraud, and cases have been won, simply on that principal. I think one of the Brunson brothers won a case on that basis.

  3. Cox is a Gadianton through and through, it couldn’t be more obvious. You will NEVER see him stand up to the lies and tyranny of the WEF agenda, he’ll only praise them and work with them. He hates liberty and all basic human rights, and only makes as much of a fake show of being a “conservative” as he calculates that he needs to in order to fool most people.

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