Action: HB311 Using Children as the Excuse for Surveillance

Stop HB311 social media takeover Utah

Senate Sponsor Kirk Cullimore and House Sponsor Jordan Teuscher want to bring in the next move for global tyranny and surveillance- View HB311 here

There is a similar bill that was passed through the senate, and now goes to the house, SB152. This bill also needs to be stopped. Teusher is on both. A question to ask: Why would they need to bills doing the same thing?


Show up for the committee hearing:

Make sure you check out our blog on facial recognition and the movement in Utah to push this through.


3 Responses

  1. Kirk Cullimore is an A$$H0!€ & a J£RK! Responds VERY RUDE to all of my emails. The last response I got from him was during the Special Session for the Tax Hike, & he said, “if it comes around again I AM GOING TO VOTE FOR IT! An Enemy of The People for sure!

  2. I contacted my house and senator reps. Here is my message. You can copy this and paste it to your rep.

    “Vote NO on HB311

    This is nothing more than government surveillance.
    It puts kids at risk by having their government id used by the dark web

    This exact same identical bill has been started in 7 states, all all bills released at the same time.
    The origins of this bill started in the EU and China as sited by the Utah senator that sponsored this bill.
    This bill was to mimic the laws in those areas.
    England arrested 3,395 people in one year for politically online unpopular comments or posts.
    The social credit scoring of these countries makes it so that one who posts unpopular statements cannot get loans, travel over a certain distance from home, and other controlling devices?

    This is a coordinated effort to institute social credit scoring. This is all related to the World Economic Forum and this is where the bill info originated.

    The parent’s job is to help the children, not the government and big tech’s job.

    Government overreach needs to be stopped in Utah.

    Vote not on this bill.”

  3. What sleaze balls these people really are. I deferentially contacted all my reps on this. I dont like social media to begin with but this bill is just wrong on so many levels.

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