Action: FDA Attacks Homeopathy and True Health

FDA attacking Homeopathy

In a drastic reversal of its previous policy, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) now considers ALL homeopathic medicines to be “unapproved new drugs” subject to pharmaceutical-specific pre-market approval requirements or removal from the market at any time without notice as “illegally” marketed products. All according to it’s official “guidance” policy that the FDA published in December of 2022.

It is ironic that while doing this, the FDA admits

the agency by its own admission has NO experts in homeopathy


Homeopathic medicines date back to Hippocrates (460-377 BC), ‘Father of Medicine’ “like cures like” and “first do no harm”.

The national health watchdog organization Americans for Homeopathy Choice is pushing back against the FDA.

While we can continue to work on local nullification efforts, pushing back at the federal level is still a good idea.

Click on the link below and send a pre-filled message to Congress based on your home address.


8 Responses

  1. I’m excited to now feel that I can do something regarding what is happening to our great country. Keep up the good work.

  2. Hey friends, why aren’t we talking about PRIVATE MEMBERSHIP ASSOCIATIONS in which people can buy the so called “outlawed” home remedies? It won’t be open to the public, you buy a membership to the company. They can stay open during lockdowns, sell to people, make whatever they want, you can still get your goods. Businesses need to start looking into this option. It’s called NOT operating in the PUBLIC. Much like MLM’s get to sell their supplements under FDA non approval cuz why? Not public. Start getting it together now! I can refer you to experts!

  3. The FDA’s main job seems to be to promote things that will shorten your life, and to attack anything that makes you healthy.

  4. Been fighting the FDA since Hatch was in office…. The works of darkness does not want anything that would help us get well ! Please wake up????

  5. This should not be a surprise. First, there is no Constitutional authority for anything the FDA does. Second, anytime you give this much power to ANY government, it will be abused – it is only a matter of time.
    Americans have completely forgotten what LIMITED government means. They have also forgotten that the Republic created by the founders is suitable only for a moral people.
    Any chance of regaining our Liberty requires prayer and the 10 commandments back into our society and schools, as well as creating constant pressure to reduce the size and power of government at all levels.
    One of the key indicators of our departure from principles of Liberty, IMHO, is the rise of HOA’s. (There are many others, but this one is pretty blatant.)

  6. Thank you for providing a method for us to voice our support of homeopathic supplements. They do so much good for so many people. This subject should always be about freedom of choice.

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