Cancelling Utah: New Utah Flag, Foreign Invasion

Cancelling Utah

Is cancel culture cancelling the most important things that make Utah what it is? Are they cancelling Utah?

Is Utah Senator Dan McKay helping a foreign invasion on our way of life?

2023 SB31 Changed Utah’s Flag

The conspiracy to change Utah’s culture is very old and well documented in this older Defending Utah article.

One Facebook poster said:

Utah Senator Dan McCay not only voted to remove Dixie at DSU, but he also sponsored the bill (S.B. 31) to replace our beloved, time-honored state flag, which reflects our rich history and heritage so well, with this new generic flag that diminishes it by relegating our old flag to a trivial ceremonial flag.

On his rumble channel, activist Mike Brown from Utah breaks down how the change in the Utah Flag comes from a national agenda to change flags all around the country for a woke agenda, led by the website Flags For Good. (

Other Channels:

Utah’s flag has a rich meaning.  Additionally, this historical Utah flag also has further reach meaning into Utah’s history.  As the flags have changed over the years, you can see how we lost more history, one piece at a time with each change.

Get your piece of history here: History of the Deseret Flag / Kingdom of God

Learn where to sign the referendum to save Utah’s current flag here: Utah Flag Referendum


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  1. Would love to sign the petition, but I left Facebook 3 years ago when I noticed the censorship. I see no link to the petition elsewhere.

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