Google Maps Changes The Point After Cox Confusion

Google Maps Cox

In this short video we review how Google maps changed after Cox’s embarrassment.




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Technology by itself is neutral and can be used to support liberty or tyranny.  In this case, when you allow the government to engage in surveillance upon the public, and allow dissolving separation of powers, and separating from our constitutional framework by degrees, the result will be tyranny.  The state is changing our form of government, to incrementally remove the voice of the people and the checks and balances that are critical for any type of freedom to be maintained in society.

Read our full deep dive on the legal changes happening in our laws that will make the Smart Cities possible and accountable to global government instead of to our Constitution.  The bottom of the article also has calls to action and steps you can take to preserve the republic.

We hope you’ll join with Defending Utah in building teams around the state to make a difference.  You can plug into a community of people who care and are learning to take principled action, even with our existing busy lives.

Action: Utah Leg, Changing our Form of Government – Public/Private is Illegal

Defending Utah Interview on World Economic Forum with We ARE The People



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  1. So I guess I’m not clear. Does “The Point” actually exist as a city today? I thought it was in the planning phase? Or are there other “Smart cities” in Utah that you are referring to? Just not clear from your video and notes?

  2. Cox is the Gadianton robber currently in charge of helping Utah into the UN’s/WEF’s one world fascist system. If he wasn’t one of them he wouldn’t be in his position. I don’t know why people like him sell their souls for very temporary gain, but they do.

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