The End Game of AI: Force you into a Digital ID – Don’t Scan Your Eyeball for Free Money

Digital ID

Worldcoin wants to give out “free universal basic income” in crypto currency if you get your eyeball scanned….

“FREE” <—- Nothing is free. It will only cost you your soul.

The worldcoin announcement shows us that the Problem-Reaction-Solution strategy of the elite is moving forward. As they tell us they have “a reliable solution for distinguishing humans from AI online“. They’re deliberately creating a “problem” that AI will be indistinguishable from humans, so that people will actually be more willing to get a digital identity that proves you’re human.

If you haven’t seen the new Mission Impossible movie yet, you’ll get the full propaganda message by watching it.  As an AI takes over the world and is able to mimic the voices and likeness of any human being to fool the world into believing that anyone said anything. This doesn’t mean AI will definitely become capable of doing this, but it does mean that the elite want to scare us that it will to promote digital identity.

Introducing Worldcoin

More than three years ago we founded Worldcoin with the ambition of creating a new identity and financial network owned by everyone; the rollout begins today. If successful, we believe Worldcoin could drastically increase economic opportunity, scale a reliable solution for distinguishing humans from AI online while preserving privacy, enable global democratic processes, and eventually show a potential path to AI-funded UBI.

Worldcoin is an attempt at global scale alignment, the journey will be challenging and the outcome is uncertain. But finding new ways to broadly share the coming technological prosperity is a critical challenge of our time. We hope you’ll join us.

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Help Defending Utah (please join here) stop mandatory digital identity and the future surveillance nightmare.  We must nullify surveillance devices in our local towns; such as water meters, smart power meters, surveillance cameras, etc. The website Utah Government Reports has presented much of what is happening in Utah. There is a path forward to reverse surveillance trends, one piece at a time, one town at a time.

Working with the Utah Central Committee for Protecting Rights, we can nullify surveillance in our local towns using the Committee of Safety pattern that the founding fathers of America showed us.  The UCC has already published a Nullification of Surveillance Declaration to give us the constitutional foundation to start preparing for the work we all need to do in each of our local communities.



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  1. North Ogden has already instituted the Flocks camera surveillance system on major thoroughfares in order to ‘help the police department catch bad guys’. The city council and the mayor bought into the presentation by Flocks and with the chief of police being complicit we now have ‘big brother’ watching and photographing every vehicles license plate that comes in and out of the city. They have sold our Liberty for a small dose of security. The camels nose is under the tent, and I consider our elected officials foolish and traitors to their oath of office.

    1. Crazy, thanks for sharing. If you or anyone motivated in your city want to do something about it still, you need to organize a committee for your city, and start pushing for a reversal on constitutional grounds. That’s where the nullification of surveillance document ( is a tool to get people going, along with the manual that teaches people how to organize their own committees (

    2. A committee would be great. I’m an Ogdenite but would definitely help support North Ogden. I know a family in North Ogden that I believe would be very supportive as well.

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