Turning Maui into an entire “Smart City Island”? Left and Right must join together.

smart city

The elite destroying property and our cities is of concern to both the “left” and the “right” and everyone in between.

It’s time to align together on principles to defend humanity from the elite.

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  1. More essential information that everyone should pay close attention to.
    Thanks for all of your efforts!

    The audio is hard to understand in some places, maybe the background music is too loud.

    Thanks again!

  2. I’m giving a 10 minute talk at our local Republican Party meeting next month. I’m speaking on “secret combinations” in the government. I was wondering if you had any literature on this subject. Please respond. Thanks and keep up the great work!

    1. Hi Larry. Defending Utah started with the idea of investigating and getting to the bottom of this very question. We have more information on this topic than you’ll be able to digest. Some of it is private in our members only area. Some of it is public, in our learn section and on our youtube channel. I would recommend starting with our liberty bootcamp (under the learn tab), also there’s a secret combination section under the learn tab. We also wrote a deep-dive book on this subject specific to Utah’s Secret Combinations that’s available in our shop. https://shop.defendingutah.org. These days we talk less about all that we’ve discovered, and we focus on the solution, on what we do about it. Some of this is in the liberty bootcamp. you can read about that more at https://www.defendingutah.com/committees
      Please join our mailing list if you haven’t. https://mailchi.mp/defendingutah/signup

  3. Only blue items, cars, umbrellas, jugs, buildings survive a DEW attack. I wonder who’s next. It scares me since SLC wants 15 min cities.

    1. Utah is committed to the UN/WEF fascist plan, and Spencer Cox was hired to push Utahns along and get them there. So they will try to introduce their fascist surveillance zero liberty social credit pseudo-science cities and ideas more widely than just SLC.

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