Conservative US Congress Candidate Thankful to be Masked?

That One Time….  When a current candidate for US Congress (Celeste Maloy), chosen by the “conservative” political party of a state, has a certain post from the past fake-pandemic era being spread around social media that looks the opposite of “conservative”.

Many in the community have asked…

“Was she promoting propaganda deliberately”?

“Was she on the side of the tyranny last time”?

“Where will she be the next time”?


It was documented in the book Tragedy and Hope (where the author was able to study the secret inside workings of the elite), that the elite play this game with all of us. They gain control all the top candidate choices, and then they try to guilt us into voting for the “lesser” evils, because they control both parties, and often all the top candidates within the major political parties.  This leads to frustration when we work hard for change, but notice that things really don’t get better for our country over the years.  The elite’s agenda moves forward.

Tragedy and Hope is a very big book, and it is a difficult read for many, we recommend the “cliff notes” version by Cleon Skousen, called The Naked Capitalist.


Defending Utah invites you, after you’re done with the (s)election where you are not allowed to ever honestly audit all the votes (so nobody will ever know if an election was fair or not), to join us in organizing local committees for a real long term strategy to turn your labor-for-liberty into long term results.

When you’re ready, start reading about the Committees solution here:

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5 Responses

  1. It is interesting to me that the only person you are attacking is Celeste Maloy. I would say there are many more serious things to be worried about with both of our other candidates. I am not a part of Celeste campaign, but I have thoroughly searched all three candidates. I do believe she is the best of the three. We are never going to agree with everything about every candidate. That is why we have the right to contact our representatives and talk to them about how we want them to vote or what we want them to do. To only criticize one candidate and not any of the others is a tragedy because you’re turning votes away from a good person and turning them to people who are not as qualified as she is. It tells me that you are as, politically corrupt as any other group of people that you’re condemning. I’m so tired of Republicans, turning on each other and destroying people. If you were really that concerned, you would’ve put forth a candidate that you felt was good and talked about their strengths and why they would be good instead of talking about why you think other people wouldn’t. Please be more positive in the future and more constructive in ways that would be benefit our state and our country! That way you can truly be a force for good in our community!

    1. You did miss the point of the article, but to directly respond to you better. We’re just sick of most every politician pretending to be something they’re not. Just reporting facts. Facts speak for themselves. If you’d like to help us out and write up facts on other candidates (evidence-based), exposing their lies to the people, so people can be better informed, please feel free, and we can publish them if it’s well-written and ready to publish. But we can’t write on every single issue as an organization of strictly volunteers putting in their own time and resources to keep an outlet for the people going.

    2. “I’m so tired of Republicans, turning on each other and destroying people. ” Gee, why does your comment sound exactly like what you’re complaining about?!!!!

      1. Exposing corruption, hypocrisy, lies, abuse, and pseudo-science is only “divisive” for those who don’t want those things exposed or gotten rid of. You’re supposed to “turn on” these things.

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