Parent Says: Utah Fox Hollow Elementary Allows Boys in Girls Bathroom

Girls in Boys Bathroom


This previously came to America at a large scale as early as April of 2016 when we heard of Target allowing boys in the girls bathroom.

But now this insanity is coming home to the most vulnerable of our little children. State sanctioned child abuse at the next level.

On 9/1/2023, a parent at Utah’s Fox Hollow Elementary School posted this shocking experience at their students’ elementary school:

Well sparks certainly flew this morning! Last night I sent out an email to a handful of parents affiliated with Fox Hollow Elementary alerting them of the school letting a boy who (supposedly, since of course he would never lie!) thinks he’s a girl to use the girls’ bathrooms. One lady wrote back and said that some were meeting outside the school in the morning to get a petition going against this. So this morning I went and so did a little over 10 concerned moms. I signed their petition, which already had over 30 signatures on it. I told them we need to all go to the first school board meeting happening later this month. However, one mom said that the district was not allowing this bathroom issue to be discussed!
As we were talking, Principal Amy Adams showed up along with some guy named Josh, who I suspect is the Assistant Principal. I went up to Amy to show her that Utah law allows for schools to restrict this boy from using the girls’ bathrooms. She immediately became unglued and said, “I don’t appreciate you putting my name all over social media.” I told her, “Well we don’t appreciate you allowing this boy to use the girls’ bathrooms.” She said, “I’m not allowing it; it’s what the law states. If you want to talk later, we can set up an appointment to talk with lawyers present.” And with that, she turned to walk inside the building. So I walked with her up to the grass area, then yelled loudly enough for her to hear me as she continued to walk toward the doors: “There is no law that lets boys use girls’ bathrooms. There’s only your recent woke interpretation coming from the Biden administration.” She just walked inside. This incident was after all the kids had gone inside.
Then Josh came up to me and said, “If you’re going to harass our principal, then I’m going to ask you to leave school property.” I told him, “I’m not harassing her; I’m speaking loudly enough so she could hear me as she walked away from me.” He said, “It’s against the law to harass her.” I told him, “Is there a law that says you can’t raise your voice loud enough to be heard? You just have an interpretation that it’s harassment.” He said, “Yes, it’s my interpretation, so I’ll ask you to leave.” The party was over anyway as all the moms were leaving. #foxhollowelementary #JordanSchoolDistrict

-TITLE IX Regulations – Non Discrimination Tied to Federal Money

Parents rights hero, Natalie Cline (who is on the state school board), posted her analysis on a public discussion forum, explaining where the alleged legal authority for this comes from.

This has just come to my attention. This is NOT OKAY. Any school that allows this is NOT a “safe school.” District Title IX specialists are being, or will soon be, trained in the Biden administration’s new definition of “sex-based harassment” which includes not using preferred names and pronouns, not being okay with kids using bathrooms and locker rooms of the opposite sex, not allowing kids to play on the opposite sex team, and not allowing kids to sleep in the same room with the opposite sex on over-nighters. This is the new tyranny of Title IX. 20 states signed onto a lawsuit last year that stayed the implementation of this insane rule until the case worked its way through the court. UTAH did not sign onto the lawsuit. So our students currently have no protections. Sean Reyes’ office has not responded as to why our state did not join the lawsuit.

Defending Utah reported over the last couple of years that this is the exact same federal regulation (TITLE IX) that has made BYU a hub for gender-confusion.  (We started a petition at to get BYU out from under the thumb of TITLE IX tyranny, by choosing to opt out of taking federal funding of any kind)

Natalie Cline & Monica Wilbur from Higher Ground present on Title IX & Conscience in schools 6-29-23


Fox Hollow Elementary
6020 W. 8200 S.
West Jordan, UT 84081
Phone: 801-282-1818
Fax: 801-302-4921
Principal: Amy Adams
Assistant Principal: Joshua Sullivan


Always the best solution.  But if you still want to stay and fight, you have a lot of work to do.

When you’re done with the nonsense of tyranny coming in from every angle against our families and children, we invite you to organize with like minded neighbors to start working on a strategy that can build into long-term results to restore our culture and our liberty.  Start your reading here:


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2 Responses

  1. I don’t understand why parents still have their kids in public schools. If they do not openly abuse your children they will do it in secret. Just take them out. I have said this before and I get remarks like ” Well not everyone can do that.” Look this is your kids and what ever you have to do to protect them then do it. I am a single parent with disabilities and have three kids and I have been doing homeschool for years. I am not the brightest but I know my kids should not be abused. That’s plain and simple. I work too btw. I have had very little support. It’s hard but its worth it. Save the children!

  2. Communist principals in Utah, how sad. They insist on pushing their anti-freedom, anti-science, anti-reality, anti-human religious cult belief system on everyone else.

    Please, people. Figure out how to get your kids out of the public schools. Whatever sacrifices are necessary, do it.

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