Event: Returning Elections to Hand Counts

The best way to restore faith in elections is through real manual auditing that any citizen has access to perform, which is getting more and more difficult with electronic voting.

Defending Utah supports any movement to restore elections to local control, with hand counts, available for anyone to easily count and audit.

Welcome to the Hand Count Road Show

Cyber Security specialist Mark Cook will present across the state of Utah during October on the countless ways that electronic voting can be manipulated, and therefore can never be trusted.

Come and witness this presentation, whether you’re a concerned citizen or an elected official looking for more information from an expert on election security.


See Mark Cook demonstrate vote flipping:


Mark Cook interview on the Kate Dalley Show



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  1. Thank you Enoch for your support !!! I hope you can join us at one of the events and meet Mark Cook in person !!! Please seek me out as well, I will be attending all the events live.

    Kind regards


    Fight on Patriots !!!

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