Payson Jr. High: “Parents Bad, Friends Good”

Communism is on full display at Payson Jr. High in Utah County.

A public Facebook post online has reported on a disturbing anti-parents message put out by the school.

The message says that mistreating others comes from “having bad examples from adults in our lives”, and encourages looking to friends instead.

Payson Jr. High as anti parents

Communism’s tactics for over a century, around the world, have always included alienating the youngest generation from their parents to prepare them to be revolutionaries in whatever country the communists had targeted in that moment.



6 Responses

  1. Any philosophy that tries to use coercion and force to produce a specific outcome in regards to behavior modification completely ignores and supplants Liberty and agency. Cultivating those traits that are deemed admirable are of the responsibility of parents, not of the state. The state has proved unequivocally that they prefer indoctrination.

  2. I live in a really bad neighborhood where often adults do set the example for how to treat people terribly. The ways I have seen people treat their kids and other peoples kids. I have actually said this highlighted part to my kids when the kids are acting as mean as there parents have treated me and my kids. I get that the schools are trying to turn kids away from parents and there are way more obvious cases of that but this highlighted statement could have easily come from someone who experienced what we had experienced and may have truth to it, however…Its actually the last part that bothered me. Why not practice kindness with all people. Why just your friends? I see teenagers respecting there friends way more then there families, the vulnerable, the less popular, the disabled, and the elderly.

  3. My biggest concern is with social media and smartphones often having a negative influence with teenagers. Parents need to be vigilant to every sphere of influence in their children’s lives particularly in this day and age where they are bombarded with negative influences. Parents need to be aware and not be deceived by the wolves in sheep’s clothing. One of those “wolves” is social media and smartphones. In addition to their addictive nature, social media and smartphones are bad for children. Parents need to resist the social pressure to get their kids a smartphone. It’s almost as bad as giving your kids hard drugs. Children and teenagers lack the self control to understand which is good and which is bad on these devices. Particularly many videos are geared towards this age group and deceive them into turning against what they have been taught to be good. Parents can give their children a flip phone with talk and text, but no internet access. Children are not old enough to deal with the complexities and temptations that social media and smartphones create. Heck, adults have a difficult time dealing with the complexities and temptations that these phones create, not to mention their addictive nature. We have an entire generation that is smartphone addicted. Parents need to be aware of what’s going on at school, with their kids friends, and what type of media their kids are watching.

  4. I made a comment earlier challenging your thought process and claims, it was never published. This speaks volumes for your claims of “Liberty” and “freedom”. The type of information you publish is one sided and exactly what you are accusing others of doing. I actually agreed with much of what you had published, until I realized the dangerous one sided nature of your forum. I can no longer support your organization and will share with those in my circle the dangers of your publications.

    1. I do not believe your comments are genuine. They’re full of anger and trying to bait others into an emotional argument (typical communist tactic). You’re inventing arguments that don’t exist and you’re behaving like a child with uncontrolled emotions.

      Just like I wouldn’t allow an off-topic post about puppies or food, because it’s pointless and unrelated noise, there’s no need to allow you to change the subject with your strawman attempt to create controversy out of thin air.

      Even now in this comment. You’re inventing controversy about “Sides”. This article is very simple, doesn’t say much, just references a conversation happening on facebook, and states an historical fact about communism. Not much to argue with here, not even telling one side or the other, just pointing out a consistency with historical patterns.

      Nobody owes you their platform to let you create problems that nobody else is even discussing.

      It wouldn’t surprise me if you worked for the school, and were personally butt-hurt by the truth, and in typical communist fashion you had to stir up trouble. But that’s just a guess.

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