BYU Hands Out Pride Stickers for MLK Day


As reported by the Cougar Chronicle on their website and twitter pages

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“In preparation for MLK day, BYU’s College of FAMILY, Home, and Social Sciences hands out Pride stickers…”



On Friday at 11am, the Kimball Tower lobby hosted a booth set up by BYU’s College of Family, Home and Social Sciences (FHSS) to celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Along with displaying quotes from the respected civil rights leader and other members of the civil rights movement, the booth included a number of rainbow-themed pride stickers with motifs such as “Ask Me My Pronouns,” “Ally is a Verb,” and “Amplify Autistic Voices.”

When questioned by a Cougar Chronicle reporter, the volunteers confirmed that the display was run by the FHSS Committee for Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging and was intended to help students learn about Martin Luther King Jr. as well as reminding them of various activities put on by BYU for the holiday. They could not explain any connection between the pride pins and the theme of the display, responding with the question “Do you know what pronouns are?” and then saying that they simply “like to hand them out.”

The reporter attempted to conduct a video interview with the volunteers running the display, but they refused to discuss any of the content, stating only they would prefer that their display not be featured in any pictures or videos.

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  1. I’m afraid woke indoctrination has now infected BYU along with most colleges and universities in this country. Marxism is alive and well on these campuses. However, BYU is supposed to “be in the world, but not of the world.” I fear BYU has been infiltrated with these Marxist ideologies. But my question is this, why isn’t the Church and the BYU administration speaking out against these activities on campus?? I have signed the petition and I have also urged others to do the same. When will the petition be sent to BYU??
    I am hesitant to send my children to ANY college or university given the amount of woke indoctrination that exists on these campuses.

    1. Well said Colleen. I too am concerned about the Church becoming “too tolerable” or “too politically correct” on the LGBTQ issue.

    2. “When will the petition be sent to BYU” – The petition keeps growing in number, so it’s growing in strength, as more stuff keeps getting out. Our intention was to send it last month (end of 2023), but we keep extending it as more opportunities to get the word out keep presenting themselves. Nevertheless, we will submit it soon when it can be our primary focus. Right now, the legislative session is going to occupy some time, as it always does during the beginning of the year. We’re very limited on how much we can do at the same time with finite volunteer time available.

      1. Sounds good! Thanks for the update! We really appreciate all of the efforts that are being made to alert the public to the threats to our freedom. Thank you.

  2. D.E.I., D.I.B., D.I.E. — a distinction without a difference. BYU and affirmative action…where integrity goes to die. Anyone at BYU who believes in this woke philosophy are auditioning to join the 5 virgins without any oil. The wedding doors will close on them while they went to market to buy integrity. And the Lord shall tell those woke BYU students, professors and administrators….”Verily I say unto you, I know you not.”

  3. You would think that a fake religion made up by the Gadiantons wouldn’t be welcomed anywhere owned by the LDS church, but you’d be wrong.

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