Are Housing Prices Going Down? Why Are Housing Prices so High?


What’s with housing prices?  We have a short answer if you’re busy or a detailed video if you want to understand it fully so you’re more empowered to do something about it in your city.

The short answer is right here:

Higher Density = Higher Housing Costs

Plus, Utah cities are blocking builders from building where the demand really is.  Developers will build where the demand is if cities and counties get out of the way.

Now here’s the in depth answer:

Other Video Sources:

You can’t give government money to private parties.

It’s illegal in Utah’s constitution.

It violates a republican form of government by creating a special class of power (those that get the money), in addition to the following sections:



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8 Responses

  1. Very interesting! I will post on Nextdoor since there are so many posts there about the high rise developments in Utah. Thank you!

  2. This is NOT accurate! Here is the whole story.

    Sure only 1% of Utah is Urban, but where are they building the homes? WHERE THE FURTIL FARMS USED TO BE! You don’t see housing developments out in the desert areas. You see them gobbling up land like the fruit farms in Box Elder County. You see them going up where there used to be ranches and farms, especially if they are close to towns and cities.

    People want their homes build on the “pretty land”. And that is the land that has been developed by farmers and ranchers for many years. Not on barren desert 80 or more miles from SLC.

    Farmers are NOT moving their farms to the western or the southern desert areas for good reasons. They need to be near towns as well and more importantly, , those huge farms that are way out are horrendously expensive to buy and develope for water and utilities. . Heaven forbid those areas should be subsidised to make them usable for homes or farms!

    You see, you have to run electricity, gas and water to those farms and it becomes prohibitive to run utility lines out for miles to service a small number of homes that are situated on hundreds of acres per home. And if you don’t have water therer nothing grows. PERIOD!! Farms are near water sources for a reason. It is expensive to run utilities for housing developements way out as well which is why developers want land nearer to the towns. Plus people don’t want to drive hours to get to work.

    Don’t get me wrong, I HATE those high density ugly buildings! They already look like slums even when they are brand new. I wouldn’t want to live int them. But when my farm land costs hundreds of thousands per acre, I can’t afford NOT to sell to developers. I don’t know of a perfect answer. I just know that dense housing of either kind is not a good thing and using productive healthy farm land for housing developments is not a good thing either.

    One has to wonder why the government is willing to subsidize everything but what could actually work and be desireable.

    1. I’m having a hard time understanding exactly what point you’re making, or which point you’re taking an issue with. But I see you promoting subsidies. Which my point, where I added the constitution slide to the presentation, is that subsidies are illegal under our constitution, and we need to start enforcing that. You can’t give government money to private parties. You destroy our form of government when you do that, and there are so many side effects. So really, following our constitution is the starting point to solve most of the problems that exist in government. And stopping the flow of public money to private hands, is at the root of that.

  3. +Want more truth about farming?

    It may appear that farmers are producing more on less land, but the truth is the increase of farming costs and governments attacks on food production means more farmers are “getting out” and selling their land. I don’t know any small farmer (100 acres or less) who doesn’t have to have an outside job to support what they lose in farming.

    The older farmers did it for the love of farming. Most of the younger generation doesn’t care, they just want to make a lot of money without a lot of physical labor . So when they inherit the farm, or “dad” get’s too old to run it, they usually sell it. And a lot is going to High Density Stak and Pack Housing. Even in rural locations!!

  4. So besides the basic laws of supply and demand (artificial scarcity in housing due to zoning restrictions) causing housing prices to go up, are there other factors at play? Why are the restrictions in place in the first place?

    1. There’s also artificial manipulation through large corporations buying up real estate at ridiculous prices, setting that comparable values way higher than they should be

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