Killed by Cops: Chase Allen Memorial, March 3rd, 2024

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Chase Allan Memorial March

A rally to mark the 1 year anniversary of his murder by Farmington Police over a license plate dispute.

Sunday March 3, 2024

3 p.m. Meet at Farmington Post Office, followed by walking to the Police Department for memorial speakers, placement of flowers on his marker, return walk to Post Office.

Please bring signs to remind Farmington residents of the government’s transgressions against the people.

Farmington Police Officers Found Legally Justified in March Killing of Motorist


Article 1, Section 7 Utah Constitution
No person shall be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law.

Licensing Liberty
“No state shall convert a liberty into a license and charge a fee therefore.” (Murdock v. Pennsylvania, 319 US 105)

Download and share this memorial announcement as a PDF


3 Responses

  1. Police need to be held to the exact same standard as anyone else. If they shoot someone, it should be treated the 100% same as if you or I did it. No special rights or protections.

  2. The report says the police felt threatened. Interesting. I feel threatened by police when they approach me, as they have a gun. What if I shot every police officer that I came across because 1. They have a gun, and I feel threatened by that. 2. They are contrary and against the laws of this land, using a separate statutory legal system contrived for the corporation, then applied to all private american citizens after deceiving us into believing that we are US Citizens, and tricking us into making undisclosed contracts, thus binding us to the corporation, as something akin to employees, or chattel.

    Becoming a “sovereign citizens” is NOT the solution. However, most people that learn their rights, quickly learn that the corporation has branded “sovereign citizens” a threat to peace and safety, which justifies them in using excessive force against said “sovereign citizens”. The legal system has one big flaw, things MUST fit within the definitions they set-forth in the legal codes and statutes. So don’t use the definitions and you have recourse and may seek remedy.

    The ignorant people that commented at the bottom of the KSL article, IGNORE the fact that the legal system is NOT the true law system of this land. In fact, the US government, statutory legal system has defined (remember definitions are everything?) the US citizen a enemy combatant, and thus a threat! Funny! The legal system duped the people into contractually abdicating their people status, in favor of becoming statutory persons, then turned around and defined statutory persons as dangerous!

    So why was Chase badgered and shot? Because he was in the middle-ground. Middle-ground is someone who is still a contractual public US citizen, but attempting to make a stand as a private. You can’t mix jurisdictions. Do NOT attempt to stand-up for your rights, without first changing your status from that of a statutory citizen back to a non-statutory, non-citizen national. Brother Bradford disagrees with the approach of expatriating form the US corporation, however it is statutorily the ONLY valid way of asserting your Constitutionally protected rights and reliably retain them, as it has been shown that if you assert your Constitutionally protected rights in a court of law, the judge may press contempt charges. That’s because the judge understands that when dealing with a public US or Utah citizen he is in a military court, not a court that is governed by the Constitution. Gone are the days of dual citizenship (private citizen and public citizen). If you take any public contract, then you are SOLELY a public citizen and will be treated by the statute as an enemy combatant. If you are a private national, then you are treated as a friend of the court, as the duty of the courts is to protect the constitution and those who are under it’s protection, and that’s NOT you, if you have unwittingly contracted out of the Constitution.

    Ways to know that you have contracted out, because they do not believe in full-disclosure: Birth Certificate, Driver’s License, License and Registration, Real Estate title, voter registration. All these are legal contracts and presuppose that you have contracted into the public system, if you are using them.

    The exciting thing is, it is not difficult to cancel your corporate statutory contracts. And by doing so, you replace your civil rights with God-given rights. Take the time to learn the Constitution and the legal system and how to protect your property from searches and seizures without due process.

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