Contact Tracing Update: $30 For Your Soul, Don’t Do It

The United Nations Contact Tracing program is being implemented in Utah largely through the University of Utah which we documented in our article earlier this year titled “HR6666 Home Kidnapping, Contact Tracing in Utah, What To Do About It.”  If you don’t understand what Contact Tracing is, please read the article then come back here.

It could be argued that in the history of the world, there has never been anything that comes close to having the ambition of the Fake Pandemic and the Contact Tracing initiative fits well with this ambition. The intent is to gather deeply personal data on everyone around the world, at the exact same time for a common purpose, circumventing local privacy laws no matter what country you’re in.  The public schools can easily provide this data, and are set up for quick reporting. You may have run into this at a restaurant, government agency, any public school or some have reported even at your church. If someone asks for your personal information “just in case someone else is sick and they might have to contact you” then they were trying to gather data about you that would eventually be used to report back to the United Nations Contact Tracing program.

The worst part of this program is how far the government is reaching into private homes around the world, violating the sanctity of the family unit.

Because of Utah’s strong culture of family and individual liberty, the Utah HERO program has had a harder time getting households to comply voluntarily, and is now trying to bribe families (healthy or sick) with a free $30 gift card to get this data.  Please remember the purpose of this program and that complying with this program and taking that $30 (30 pieces of silver for your country’s soul) is about a lot more than just checking if you’re sick.

Utah Hero Program Bribing You $30 To Sell Your Soul


Local restaurant in Sandy Utah proudly participates in Contact Tracing
Local restaurant in Sandy proudly displays their compliance with Contact Tracing

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  1. Anything associated with the united nations is evil. This is horrible and disgusting. I pray these people wake up.

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