Event 4/15/23 – Farmington Parade Honoring Young Adult Shot by Police

shot by police chase allan

Update: This event happened in the past, see the local Fox News report here.

Upcoming Event: Saturday, 4/15/23 (flyer below)

You may have seen this tragic video of the murder of a young Farmington man posted one month ago whose family had existing law suits open against the city. The media has spun the story the way they wanted, but this video which is the least edited that has gotten out, debunks the spin.


Regardless of your opinion of the arguments made before the shooting, a failure to communicate effectively is not a reason for execution on the spot without due process. It is clear that use of force was irrational, unjustified and extreme. The quick triggered reaction of the police matches the “warrior police” training that has been available on the internet for many years, where our local police are inappropriately trained by federal government strings.

Defending Utah has long taught about the need to defend our local sheriffs from invading federal police training, see our article from 2015, “Federal Meddling in Local Utah Police – The End Game”.

Please join in support of Chase Allen and to help bring more public awareness to the grievances of the people.


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  1. I have been quite detached from media for some time. The first time I heard or saw anything of this event is from your email regarding the parade. I watched the video you linked; again, this is all I know of the issue….I do not believe in vehicle registrations. I do not believe in causing people to identify themselves without a law being broken (vehicle registrations are the current law, although unconstitutional in my opinion). This makes quite the predicament for all involved and is a recipe for disaster. I do feel that one officer was out of control and was a bad cop; Mr Macho man, tear you out of the car authoritarian (the one who wouldn’t listen to the order to step back). He should no longer be a cop; he’s dangerous. The initial cop was respectful, patient and professional. It’s hard to see for certain, but I believe the young man was reaching for a gun and as Charlton Heston said in The Ten Commandments, “We cannot break the law, we can only break ourselves against the law”. The young man should have gone limp (as Ammon Bundy teaches to not resist, but also to not comply), and lived another day to fight a better fight. I will not be joining the parade.

    1. We appreciate your comment. Sadly no one can confirm he was going for a gun or his seat belt. He was asked to step out of the car so it’s likely it was his seat belt. The chief even stated it was a possibility. “Though a handgun was found on the floorboard, Allan never fired it and police are unclear if he ever attempted to grab it.

      “Did he shoot?” an officer can be heard saying as officers cuff his lifeless body.

      “I don’t have any f**king idea,” another officer can be heard replying.

      During a press conference, Farmington police Chief Eric Johnsen admitted that Allan may not have been reaching for the gun and instead reached to undo his seat belt.”


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