Captured Utah Flag

As our readers are likely aware there has been a big push to save the Utah state flag. The signatures for the referendum were due April 12th. The numbers fell short, but something weird happened the very next day.

(2023 SB31 Changed Utah’s Flag)

According to a post on The Utah Wire signers started getting the below letters in the mail on April 13th.  Now one has to question what the point of something like this is. SB31 was an extremely unpopular bill across all parties. The reasons varied from people being upset about the cost of this to those who feel our history is being erased. Whatever your opinion is, if there were not enough signatures gathered in the shockingly short amount of time (and horrible weather), why would you send these out?

Utah Wire Utah Flag Utah Flag sign Utah Flag sign

Not only do we question who is funding this, but why? Utahans overwhelmingly detest the new flag. The people behind the new flag have already forced this upon the public but now want to have people remove their signature? Why?

This proves what everyone warned about. THIS IS NOT ABOUT A FLAG, this is about the removal of Utah’s history, unity, and culture. This is a full scale attack on the people of Utah. This is a captured flag. This is about people both out of state and in state, corporations, big money, LGBTQIA and others not only hoisting their views on us, but removing our connection to our history. 

Dan McCay Pride Utah Flag

Why would our legislature be okay with this? Why did they support this? Why did four legislators turn on the public with a last minute vote change? Did any back door deals take place?

We have a very serious problem in Utah, and it goes much further than our flag. They are absolutely obliterating our cutlure. Changing our college and universities, bringing the United Nations in, offering us up on a platter to China, pushing against removing porn from our schools, and shoving critical race theory’s ideology upon on children.

We must pull this back from the brink. We must take back our culture and save our youth and our history.

Utahans did NOT ask for this, they did NOT want it, and now they are gloating about it.

Please watch our video on how this, and many other things in government, are happening outside of our control, and how the people can counter-organize. 


3 Responses

  1. The government in Utah has leapfrogged from Republican, right over Democrat, straight to woke.

    (mirroring another large institution in the state.)

  2. This flag issue goes SO much deeper than merely getting a new flag. It goes to the heart of who we are, and no one has the right to change that. Our elected officials don’t have that right because We The People did not give them that right. I don’t think it’s all the newcomers to the state because we weren’t given the opportunity to vote on this issue. I also wasn’t given the opportunity to sign the referendum. My bought a beautiful traditional Utah flag and I’ll hang it proudly until the day I die. We are looking to get a lawsuit going against the State of Utah whose governor seems to have gone very Deep State on us as have our legislators.

  3. Fight them ! Fight like your lives depend on it ’cause they do. I’ll pray for ya all, but don’t ever cave in. In Nevada we have the FEMA camps with guillitines to look forward to if it goes their way.

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