Utah, Envision Utah, Public Private Partnerships, NGOs and More

Recently We ARE The People did a video on Envision Utah and the boards ties to other public private partnerships, quasi governments, and NGOs. The video is below:

Utah does indeed have a big conflict. Corporate fascism has taken over the state and the lines between government branches, government itself, and business has been blurred beyond anything our founders envisioned.

As this video points out, most of the projects and pushes towards the United Nations’ SDG goals for Agenda 2030 come from Envision Utah. As early as 2015, Defending Utah reported on Envision Utah being the designated organization to implement Agenda 21/2030. One has to ask why an organization (non-profit) has so much influence in the state? The above video we think helps outline that, but also below are some articles we have done highlighting these connections and issues.

Utah Secret Combinations 

Mitt Romney Association with Secret Socities

UN Shuts Down Free Press in Utah

Provo Sells it’s Soul to the United Nations and Google

Action: Utah Leg, Changing our Form of Government – Public/Private is Illegal

Cache Valley Prop 1 – Agenda 21 Land Grab

Utah Freedom Coalition also did an article on Envision Utah that addresses an audit from 2000, where towards the end they mention some people think Envision Utah is “pushing a hidden agenda”. Defending Utah supports their research with an affirmative ‘YES’, these guys are the primary front to push this agenda on the state.  Utah’s secret societies are behind this organization and selling our state out to the United Nations and the globalist agenda.

At this point Utah must start to acknowledge what they have participated in, grown, and pushed. We must start to change course and undo these ties and get back to true honest government for the people, of the people, and by the people. See our video below on how, and then please join us in our strategic program (weekly training calls and one-on-one mentoring) to organize local communities to take back the state and the rule of law under the constitution.

Regionalism, High Density Housing, Identifying and Solving the Problem

We hope you’ll review our specific action steps listed at the bottom of this article and become part of our team.


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