SMARTUTAH 6: E-Governance and YOUR Vote!


If you have been following the SmartUTAH series, then you know how insidious the program has been. Like a chameleon, they keep changing names and adding subgroups to confuse the public and make it nearly impossible to find the core or beginning of it all.

If you try to look up “SmartUtah,” you won’t get much, yet it was a massive program that got converted into “Smart States,” and even that has been buried. If it’s for the betterment of humankind, why wouldn’t they make it easy to find and access? Why wouldn’t they be shouting it from the rooftops?

I’ve gone over its beginning, and an audit or two, it’s weaponization of education and the healthcare system. Now let’s take a look at how they’ve used it to dismantle our elections and government.


Defending Utah did several pieces on the “buckshot caucus,” so you can catch up, as this has everything to do with what I’m covering here.

In Utah those who are politically active know all about “SB54” from 2014 (additional reports on SB54 from us are found here). This bill that was dreamed up during a secret meeting at the Alta Club they titled the meeting of “mainstream Republicans”, gutted the caucus system and was the beginning of a modern movement by the “establishment” to “turn Utah into California”.

SB54 allowed for people to buy their way onto the ticket. Just get dark money, and you can squash the people’s voice via signature gathering. Did you know that former governor Mike Leavitt (creator of SmartUtah) was instrumental in passing SB54?

In an interview I did with Utah Freedom Coalition, they shared with me that, “in 2013 Mike Leavitt and the establishment like Norma Matheson went after the Utah caucus, and took aim at the grassroots representation. Determined to keep tight establishment hold Leavitt helped create and push SB54.” Leavitt partnered with former Utah First Lady Norma Matheson (is she related to Alan Matheson- head of the 15 min city- The Point?), and businesswoman Gail Miller to launch Count My Vote.

There is a concerted effort to silence, belittle and mock the grassroots of the republican party by not only the democrats, but their own party. It would behoove us all to ask why? The effort to demolish the GOP and caucus system in order to rebuild an establishment-controlled system is coming from every angle. Look at “Disagree Better,” No Labels, United Utah Party, Better Utah, Neutral Project, Count My Vote, or Bi Partisan which Leavitt is a co-chair of.

They didn’t stop there. They continued with the push that started in the 90s to make our voting system electronic.

Accountability Utah was raising the alarm about their takeover of our elections via a push for electronic systems back in 2003. Yet Utah has not only gone down that road but is a pilot state to nearly every election fraud effort possible.

To see an explanation of why electronic voting is not a good way to go watch the hand count roadshow.

Utah News did an awesome breakdown on the iVOTE report from Utah’s very own government. This clarifies that Utah KNEW electronic voting was a security risk but outlined (some may say planned) how to get people to convert over to it anyway.

Did you know they used the excuse of protection from domestic violence to pass HB303 which further shadowed our elections. It doubled our voter withheld rolls, so now the GOP can’t even get remotely accurate numbers or communicate with their own base.

Utah has also dedicated itself to pushing, and I would dare say forcing, ranked choice voting upon its population. The amount of dark money that has gone into this effort in Utah cannot be overstated. Fairvote is actively ramming this through Utah, even though there is just as large of a push back… without funding.

So much so that the grassroots group Utah Election Integrity who is fighting against RCV has not been allowed to present the opposing side, as they are actively blacklisted, and more. If RCV is so great, then let the elected officials and the public hear both sides. Why would you get them removed from presenting at a meeting? Dirty Utah politics.

Utah’s elections are anything but “gold standard.” They are corrupted and anyone not willing to acknowledge that isn’t telling the truth.

If the grassroots don’t wake up asap, you’re going to lose your parties, your caucuses, and your conventions.

SmartUTAH and Governance

As I was researching the elections, I stumbled on the audit we’ve shared here before about “SmartUTAH,” “Envision Utah,” and “QGET.” In that audit something caught my attention.

Source- Smart Utah audit

As you can see it very clearly says the purpose of the program is “promoting electronic commerce and electronic government.” While some people may see that as harmless, let me show what exactly that means.

The WGA (Western Governors Association) makes it clear what they want via e-governance (electronic government)



Source –

They speak of cost-effectiveness while linking education and government online. Centralized government is communism. They are literally implementing communism and openly admit they are using education and government as the tools to do it, all under the guise of “convenience” and “security” of course.

Consider this:

Leavitt’s emphasis on a technological solution to problems did not stop with education. State government, too, came under scrutiny, and Leavitt soon had several proposals on that front. In November 1993, he followed up his education speech with one directed at government workers (Leavitt, 1993a). He issued another set of challenges to this sector. Begin “thinking technology” and focus less on the physical infrastructure. Provide electronic access to state information for Utah citizens. Use technology to increase productivity, avoid redundant services, and stretch state tax dollars. Telecommuting, teleconferencing, and paperless offices were all part of his vision. The barriers to this were not technological, Leavitt said in the speech. The barriers were in the “unwillingness to change and try something new” (Leavitt, 1993a)
– Source: Kinser paper

Spoken like a true transhumanist bordering on “carrot before the stick” authoritarian. Wonder what he considers himself?

Remember we went over the citizen portal in Blog number 2. That is the big outcome of the work of all Leavitt et al. Below are some screenshots from 2003 that show what the plan was. Note the “Utah state portal since 1999.” That is now going to be used for centralized government systems and your ID.

Source: Washington Technology

Do you think that you’ll be able to communicate with your representatives once this all goes virtual? How will you engage in public debate? Especially if everything you say is recorded and your social credit score gets docked as you speak. Do you think people will become subservient to a dictatorship? Are we not already living in fear of our own government?


Let’s analyze a document that outlines China, “Smart City” program.

Below are some screenshots from it. These could easily be swapped out with Utah. We have a gullible public that refuses to look at the monster right in front of them and instead is willingly walking into their enslavement and building their children’s. Why? So, they can be “innovative” and the leader in technology.

Now let’s look at Utah. Below is a screenshot from Tellus (they’re part of the surveillance system in Utah) giving SLC, UT a shout out for winning an IDC Smart Cities “sustainable infrastructure award.”

Amazingly Utah has apparently been planning for people working remotely before 2019, all under the guise of protecting the air and having to build fewer buildings…

I will also remind you of our government website that pops up when you type in “Utah Smart State.” It is here and now called “Internet of Things.”

To top this off let’s go over the BIG smart cities. There are far more regular cities like SLC that are slowly being converted to smart 15 min “cities” without the public knowing. For this blog we’re going to highlight the big 4.

  1. The Point – This one is built on former contaminated land and where the old prison once stood.
  2. Utah City – This is being built on former contaminated land from Geneva Steel. Who owns the land now?
  3. WonderBlock – This is being built on former contaminated land- Swift
  4. Daybreak – this was the beta test. This was built on former contaminated land.

As you may or may not know, Utah passed the backbone to the 5G/6G system back in 2018 – SB189. As you can no doubt be aware of there are towers going up EVERYWHERE. A digital prison of sorts. If there is any one thing I would suggest to Utahns to try and salvage this state from utter tyranny, it’s to get those towers taken down and that bill revoked immediately. Shutdown this broadband takeover, which I will go into in the next blog because that timeline will shock you, especially considering who our governor is.

What else does e-governance mean? We only have to look again to China. Social credit scores.

  1. It was opt-in originally until it became forced.
    1. Utah Digital ID is currently a “choice” – do you think it will remain so? REAL ID was a “choice” originally as well, and now is forced if you want to travel.
    2. Utah’s road usage charge is currently opt-in. It will become mandated as they force electric vehicles on us under the guise of “climate change” and rising fuel costs.
  2. China expands on the American “credit score” to include scoring one’s behavior and “trustworthiness.” This can include things like who you communicate with, if you play your music too loud, if you don’t wear a mask when forced, etc.
    1. Utah has begun to compile the same information in the citizen portal. Again, read blog number 2 in our series.
    2. Utah is also doing this with your children. Watch a video here that breaks down the education social credit score in Utah.

In short, your, mine, our 4th amendment rights are being absolutely smashed. Your right to autonomy is relentlessly attacked. Frankly, the widespread submission to this gross overreach is the most shocking of them all in my opinion.

Without a right to your privacy, what do you have? You are a sitting duck at that point. Enslavement is right around the corner, and in some cases here already.

E-governance/virtual government/online government should send off every alarm bell you have. A government no longer connected to the people and accountable to the people becomes a ruthless regime. In American, Utah especially, our “elected” representatives have forgotten who they work for and how sacred their duty is. It should NOT be top-down government but rather bottom up.

The fact that they think it’s “good” and “fine” to force cities and counties to actively go against their own constituents by installing surveillance, high-density housing, and whatever else they come up with is indicative of a tyrannical state. They can have the best of intentions and it’s still not legal, ethical, or moral. Taking away people’s voices in how their own community grows and evolves is not freedom, it’s not even a democracy. It’s tyrannical. They are creating a feudal system, and this “e-governance” will be one of the last nails in the coffin.

Utah is leading the way in this, as always lately, so we don’t have a lot of time. It’s of the utmost importance that you communicate with your local representative and get involved. Demand they stand strong with the people and the constitution against the rogue state. Funding isn’t an excuse, insurance isn’t an excuse, the time to stand up is right now. The more who do, the less power the state has.

The power is in the People.

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