Salt Lake Sends Local Taxes Out of State, to Attack Utah

Salt Lake Sends Local Taxes Out of State

Is Utah sending your tax money outside Utah to groups that just come right back to “change” or “fix” us?

Is this part of a larger pattern, where Utah seems to be a target for takeover by outside groups?

I ask this question for a few reasons that I will highlight below:

1. A post was made on Facebook on April 25th about an “outside group” pushing an agenda in Utah. For those who do not have Facebook we have quoted it below:

Recently the Salt Lake County Council was presented with a proposal that would create a NEW consumer fee that would provide an estimated $40m in new revenues. These funds would presumably be managed by Visit Salt Lake. Concerns were expressed by members of the Republican Caucus and many questions remained unanswered. The proposal moved forward to be approved by cities.

When Visit Salt Lake appeared before the Riverton City Council, Councilwoman @Tawnee McCay revealed that Visit Salt Lake created an initiative called Social Offset ( that invites people from out of state who feel our values do not align with theirs to come here and “work to offset that from within.” In other words, money will be spent to campaign against your values. VSL cited Utah’s pro-life legislation as an example of where some might want to donate to “offset” our pro-life laws. The Republican Caucus is concerned by this development and is looking into VSL’s sponsorship of Social Offset. Additionally, the new program proposal is light on details, transparency and accountability, but strong on ESG.

You work hard for your money, the government taxes you, then they give it to groups like this to work against your values! That’s not how it should work and I intend to stand against it.

Utah Takeover Facebook Post

As you can see there is an outside group, social Offset, going after Utah politically. It appears their goal is to strip Utah of it’s culture and values and insert new ones they deem worthy. This begs some questions: Can you not go elsewhere, to a state more aligned with your values? Why is Utah in the crosshairs, why is this state a goal takeover?

For example they support and promote ESG scores. Utah has come out against ESG scores- see treasurer Marlo Oaks statements, letters and more here. Utah, aside from the UIPA and a few others, does not want to enforce business social credit scores on companies, organizations, and others. We don’t need interference from outside organizations to change that. We don’t want the “help”.

2. As we have pointed out in several articles the Utah flag was recently changed against the people’s will. You can read the articles here and here. Why were people from Indiana involved in the push to change our flag to a captured one? Who are our representatives actually representing? Not the people.

3. This general session was full of bills directly going against the people’s wishes. HB311, SB152, a split HB215, SB31, HB35, HB220, SB125, HB470, HB205, HB168, SB250, SB228 among so many others. At the same time they quickly killed bills the public did want. Again who are they representing? Where are all these bills coming from? Are there outside influences pushing these? NGOs, PPPs and others are getting their marching orders from where? The Utah League of Cities and Towns is pushing planning agendas, surveillance agendas, digital identification agendas, where are these orders coming from? We have gone into some of the groups behind the curtain but there is more going on here.

4. Utah is in bed with China- read articles here and here. Why knowing what we know now would Utah continue to tie themselves to China? Why would they continue to allow their influence? This is a very serious question all Utahns should be asking.

5. Are you aware there is now a coined term “New Utah” being thrown around? What does that mean exactly? Apparently it means a total takeover by “woke” corporations.

6. Operation Trojan Horse

There are public statements about “Operation Trojan Horse” where “woke activists” infiltrate organizations, dishonestly pretending to be from one party to change their politics. How is this allowed? Where is leadership? Why would a largely “Red” state permit (and in some cases help) this takeover? The “Utah Way” now stands for corporate fascism and the vultures know it. We must take back our state. Below is how:


Start your journey in learning how to take action with this first step:


2 Responses

  1. Mail in voting, the phoney Fauci flu, the BLM riots, Cox running his own election, Huntsman Ambassador to China. Utah was conquered. New Ruler, New Flag.

  2. Who is behind Cox and these wayward legislators? Is it Soros, China, MoveOn? It’s curious to me that the dominant religious institution in Utah acquiesces to communism; otherwise infiltration would not be successful. This is very troubling. Nothing happens in Utah without approval of the dominant institutional religious empire. Nothing. Think on it.

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