Nine BYU Professors: Wolves Among the Flock

We’ve seen the attack on little children from the world’s education system this month at Fox Hollow Elementary School in Salt Lake County, but there’s no hope in making a difference if Utah’s religious institutions don’t take a different stand than the world does.

BYU’s independent unofficial student newspaper, The Cougar Chronicle, has reported the following BYU professors in the Joseph F. Smith Memorial building, flying pride symbols of various styles.

Notice the student group, the raYnbow collective, is mentioned as sponsoring this.  The same group that promoted the public lewdness at the BYU Drag Show for little children that we exposed last year.

Sign the petition to Clean Up BYU here (petitions will eventually be physically printed and delivered to BYU).

Twitter (X) Post:

Sign the petition to Clean Up BYU here (petitions will eventually be physically printed and delivered to BYU).

BYU profiles of the professors:

1. Amber Jensen

2. Charlotte Stanford

3. Heather Belnap

4. Marlene Esplin

5. Jordan Jones

6. Stephen Bay

7. Ashley Gibby

8. Rebecca Schweinitz

9. Kirk Larsen


Sign the petition to Clean Up BYU here (petitions will eventually be physically printed and delivered to BYU).


7 Responses

  1. We see how wokeness has infected BYU like it has infected most of the colleges and universities in this country. I think parents need to take a stand and not send their kids to ANY colleges or universities including BYU until BYU cleans up their act and holds to their standards as “being in the world, but not of the world.”

  2. After raising a generation without Constitutional principles, these children are now adults teaching today’s—and future—leaders. It only takes one ignorant generation to lose liberty. We are witnesses. May the woke awake!

  3. I am an LDS member in New Zealand. While we live in a socialist country my heart is with the US constitution. My mind and heart scream out remove all anti-Christ sentiments from Church owned property.
    We preach Christ this includes the sciences.
    I appreciate and recognise the 1st amendment but there needs to be spaces set aside for true Christian / God fearing people of all denominations.
    The world is for the world the Church organisations are for God lovers. You cannot have feet in both camps without getting burnt, Christ will spew you out. When Zion cities are built for Terrestrial beings will a pride flag be hoisted. We need to be a building safe places in the similitude of Zion spaces for the righteous regardless of their God. Clean out the filth and the promoters of it. Christ was not a teddy bear Jesus. He gave ample time for repentance but there is always an end time.

  4. LGB/LGBTQ are programs designed by Satan and his minions. Objective, destroy the family organization. LGB/LGBTQ are encouraged and supported by the United States Communist Party.

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